Sunday, 1 July 2012

Let's Talk About Tattoos

Something I feel isn't discussed often in the blogging world is tattoos. In recent times tattoos have become more widely accepted yet many people still see them as 'cheap' 
I currently have three tattoos and each of them are very meaningful to me, so I thought I would discuss them with you all. 

This is the first tattoo I got, shortly after my 18th birthday, and ironically it's the one tattoo I  have which isn't complete. When it's finished I want butterflies going all the way up my side but I started at my hip planning on going up! As these were my first it was suggested that I get the area numbed to make it more comfortable. It was the weirdest sensation in the world, and I wished I didn't get it numbed! These took about 2 and a half hours in total and I can't wait to get them finished! 

Excuse the poor picture, I've found it impossible to take a picture of the back of my thigh which doesn't have some cheeky bum peeking in so I've settled for using the picture I took straight after getting it done! I really wanted a feather tattoo but I couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted, so in the end I took to Tumblr and found a design similar to this. This tattoo gets me so much attention when I wear skirts or shorts, and I've got all sorts of people ask me about it, mostly drunkeds on nights out! This is probably my favourite tattoo of all the ones I have so far, but it's in such an awkward place I hardly ever see it! 

And lastly this is my most recent tattoo, which is a little over a year old. I got it on a whim after completing my A Levels and I know it's a bit silly but I don't mind! I don't often wear my hair up so it's not something which is visible most of the time, but I get a lot of comments on it when it is! In all honesty I often forget that I have this as it's impossible for me to see! But it's a dedication to one of my all time favourite stories/films so I have no regrets :) 

What are your opinions on tattos? And do you have any of your own? X 

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