Friday, 28 September 2012

Cath Kidston DIY Key Tutorial

Keys are something that everyone has to carry with them, and they're usually quite boring. After reading Islaay's lovely post on how she customized her key it inspired me to try my own! 
It's no secret that I am a massive Cath Kidston style so I decided to attempt a CK-esque pattern on my keys. 

To begin with I painted my entire key with H&M's Pear Icecream. I originally got this as part of a set last year so I'm not sure if it's still available, but it's a dupe of Essie's Mint Candy Apple!

I then painted some spots in OPI's Pink Friday. At this point they don't have to be especially neat as these are going to form the base of the roses.

I then added 2 triangular shapes to each rose to become the rose leafs. These ones are quite dodgy because I used my terrible Nail Stripers from Amazon!

I then went over the Pink Friday with swirly patterns to finish the rose. These ones are quite smudged as I used another of the Nail Stripers which are really terrible, but this shows the shapes I had drawn 

I think this idea is so cute and quick to bring a bit of colour to something as mundane as a key! I really love the idea of it and I will be practising my nail art on my key in future! 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Kobo Touch eReader in Lilac

Hi guys! I have a bit of a different type of review for you all today, I started back at University on Monday and I've really not paid much attention to my usual beauty habits because I've been so tired! So I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite gadgets! 

Since I have started commuting to University everyday I've been using public transport far too often, and it's safe to say it can become quite tedious and boring! So to make my daily commute a little less boring I've been spending some quality time with my eReader. 

The Kobo Touch eReader comes in 4 colours (Black, Silver, Baby Blue and Lilac) but I was drawn to the matte lilac colour. The quilted back gives it an extra edge of class to it and makes it look a lot more expensive than it really is. The design of it is quite strong going as well. I have chucked this in my bag everyday this week and it's remained scratch free!

I chose this eReader over the more popular brands such as Kindle as I never really liked the idea of Kindle only being able to display books brought from Amazon. I like a bit more freedom and Kobo definitely provides me with this! The Kobo store has over 2 million books to choose from, including over 1 million free ones, yet you are able to upload books from other websites as well, and you can also read pdf files which is really useful as well! 

The only downside to my little old eReader is that there is no back-light, which Kobo describe as "like reading actually paper and ink" which is a bit of a pain at times as I used to love curling up under my duvet with my old eReader which was lit! The purpose of this is that the battery life lasts for ages with it, I've had mine since like May and I've only charged it once. 

As well as being a standard eReader, it can also connect to the internet through wireless so you download new eBooks without going through your computer which is really handy! You can unlock achievements for reading different things which provides light entertainment, as well as having a Sudoku and Whiteboard app which makes it a bit more versatile as well! 

Overall I cannot recommend a Kobo eReader enough! They are available at WHSmith stores for £79.99. Do you have a eReader? What do you mostly read? X 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Amazon Nail Striper Fail

I recently ordered a set of 24 nail art stripers off of Amazon. Despite reading about a million and one warnings from fellow bloggers saying not to buy cosmetics online without being 100% sure they were legit I decided to get them anyway (YOLO and all that ¬.¬) and since then I have been eagerly awaiting their arrival, and I must say I've got a huge case of the let downs! 

As you can see the vast majority of them look absolutely rubbish! I was immediately taken back by the fact that most look half full the smell of 'gone off' nail polish was revolting even before opening them! Definitely not a good sign! Despite this set back I soldiered on to see if I can savage anything from my bargain purchases.

I chose a pearly pink colour to test out and see what it was like. The above picture is what it looked like after giving it a good shake, not the best start! Despite this I went to open it and was greeted by an awful Gooey mess! The bottom picture is quite deceiving, it almost looks as if I just got too much polish on the brush and it was falling off, but I can assure you this was not the case, and it just had some dangling, slimey 'bit' on the end, what just would not get off. Grim. 

Despite this, the actual result isn't too bad. The product provides a straight-ish line and the colour pay off is overall really good, the drying time? Almost instantly. However I really don't think I can justify this product much further. Despite the overall outcome being okay I really struggled to get on with these! The brushes are very difficult to control and I feel quite limited in what I can do with them! 

I'm going to contact the seller on Amazon and beg for a refund, but I've definitely learnt my lesson to not buy online! X 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Maybelline Mascara XXL Extreme Black

Two step mascaras are becoming increasingly popular recently, yet the concept is pretty simple. Step one usually involves a primer type product, which increases the lengths of your eyelashes, whilst step two products more volume. 
I never really set out to buy this product. I tried a two step mascara years ago and was never really blown away by it so I didn't really bother with anymore. Yet I picked up a Maybelline foundation in Boots earlier this week and they currently have an offer of 2 Maybelline Products for £10 so picked up this mascara just to get a bit more for my money. 

Step one: Primer 

As noticeable above the primer is white, which can be a little strange to apply at first. On first application I definitely noticed that my lashes look slightly longer, but it did tend to clump quite a bit. Although this is easily solved with a lash brush I feel slightly let down by the primer as I expected my eyelashes to be ready to put the second step straight on! 

Step Two: Volume 

I felt with this step you really had to work hard to ensure all the primer was covered - nobody wants white lashes! Again I felt this was quite clumpy so had to go through my lashes with a brush, which again isn't really a huge deal but is something I rather wouldn't do! 

Overall I like this mascara but it isn't something I'd use regularly! I think the two step process is quite long winded and not practical for everyday! This is also a complete nightmare to get off, and once it is removed my eyes are always really tiny and hurty! 

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think of it? X 

Personal Update - New Job!

Hi guys! Sorry for being completely lame and barely updating this week, I've been super busy as I mentioned in my last post and I've just had barely any time to myself! But if you read my last post I teased that I had some exciting news and I can finally share it with you all!

I have a new job at the new H&M that is opening in Bletchley! I don't start until the 13th but I've handed in my notice to Clarks yesterday so I have a few weeks to settle into uni and get into a routine before I start! I'm on a 16 hour contract which is a massive difference to my small 4 hours at Clarks so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into that! 

For the first 6 weeks I'll be doing my training in the Central Milton Keynes store before moving into the brand new building in Bletchley - which is next to the MK Dons stadium for anyone wondering. I completed my Work Experience at H&M and absolutely loved it so I can't wait to go back! 

I also start back at University next week to begin my second year of my Psychology degree and I'm quite nervous about that! I haven't really thought much about University since leaving for summer back in May and that seems like a lifetime ago! I'm a bit worried about having to commute everyday and I need to think of a routine to get myself into but I'm sure I'll be fine! 

It seems that everything is changing for me recently, and while I'm quite sad to be leaving Clarks I know it's the best decision for me and I can't wait to start H&M! 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Weekly Wants #6

Hello my lovelies! I have been so bad with updating my blog recently but this week has been so insanely busy I haven't had two seconds to myself! But I have some exciting news to share with you all soon which I can't wait to tell you all about! But for now I'm gonna be all secretive but I'm sat here with a massive smile on my face mwahahaha!

I'm having a bit of a cop out and treating you all to another weekly wants! I've spent so much time browsing shops without actually buying anything recently but it's not too long until I get paid so hopefully that will all change soon! 

Sleep-In Rollers - £19.50 - I recently read about these rollers on Beauty Thrill's lovely blog and I've been determined to get them ever since! I recently tried Boots own brand sleep in rollers because they're a bit cheaper and they were a massive disappointment! I saw these in my local Boots today so will be picking them up when I'm next there! 
Studded Bag - £16 - I saw this bag online this morning and I had every intention of going and buying it but I got completely sidetracked with something else and didn't get the chance to! But I need a new bag to go back to Uni with and this is definitely my top choice.
Hudson Onesie - £24.99 - As soon as it gets colder I spent the majority of my time in my onesies, and Newlook are probably my favourite as they're reasonably priced and good quality (compared to the horrible fleecy Primark ones!) and I love the colour of this one, and I reckon I can sneak out to Tesco in it without having to get changed when I have late night ice cream cravings. WIN! 
Topshop Lipstick in Whimsical - £8 - Saw this on someones YouTube channel and fell in love with it, but it's not in stock in my local store, boo :(!
iPhone 5 - I admit it, I'm definitely on the iPhone hype! I'm beginning to get a bit bored of my iPhone 4 and I know 5 is gonna be practically the same but I really want one! My contract ends in January so might have an early upgrade! 
Clarins 3 Dot Liner - £18 - Really like the idea of this, but I'm a bit worried about how to use it? I'm hoping a more high street brand will release a cheap alternative to this so I can practice using it before spending so much! 

Is there anything you've been lusting after? Let me know! X 


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Sunday, 9 September 2012


I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of a crazy cat person. And by a bit I mean a huge amount, I have 4 and want a whole lot more (pleeeeease dad!) and I spend a whole lot of time instagramming pictures so I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite! 

Soda getting a bit camera friendly

Having hugs with Doug

Soda being a bit too camera friendly....

Soda after her operation following being run over by a car... a year ago today!

Baby Dougie and Soda... Completely unposed and natural!

Blaine Dawg is the best <3 

Doug hugging Kermit the Frog

Soda posing on my new bed sheets

I wish this mars bar was as big as it looked in compared to Soda

My bestie Blaine 

Whisky enjoying a McDonalds Cheeseburger

Followed by a McFlurry

Soda before her skin got bad :(


Blaine watching Eastenders

Dougie looking dapper

Whisky being a creeper

Have you got any lovely cat pictures? Send them my way! X 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

MUA Brow Pencils VS Pro Brow Palette

When MUA recently announced the release of their Pro-Brow Palette there was such a buzz of excitement from the Beauty World. Having already made a name for themselves with providing brilliant quality products at an extremely affordable price, MUA had set themselves some high expectations with their Brow Palette! I usually use MUA's Brow Pencils so I decided to put the two to the test to see which product wins a place in my make up bag! 

Brow Pencils 

Personally I was really impressed when I first tried my first Brow Pencil. The formula is quite creamy and stays in place without smudging which is vital for me! (Nobody wants an eyebrow halfway down their face!) Despite only coming in two shades - Blonde and Brunette - I find using both gives me a good colour to work with, and the two blend together nicely. 

- The pencil gives good control and I can use the product exactly how I want it to 
- The two colours give me a nice colour which suits my complexion 
- I really like the brush, it allows me to soften my look so I don't have the dreaded scouse brow!

- The two available colours may not suit everyone 
- I would have liked a sharpener similar to MUA's eyeliner pencils 

Initially when I opened my Brow Palette this evening for the first time I was slightly disappointed, it was completely sealed yet when I opened it, there was finger marks in the product which slightly grossed me out and almost ruined the new product experience for me! After my initial doubts I tried the product and instantly fell in love! The three powder colours provide really versatile shades which can be blended easily and the wax isn't too greasy and really holds my brows in place. 

- 3 shades provide shades suitable to define and highlight brows
- Fixing wax is lightweight and doesn't clog up 
- Mirror allows for one less product in my makeup bag 

- The tiny tweezers and brush are quite difficult to handle, but I would usually use my own full sized tools

Overall I think I personally prefer the Brow Palette. I feel the three shades allow me to create a more neutral look where as I have to blend and work hard to create a natural look with the pencils. However I do really like the brushes of the pencils so I think when I have the time I will be using both products to take extra time and care on my brows! 

Have you tried either of the MUA brow products? What did you think of them? X 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Weekly Wants #5

1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation - £27 - I've been lusting after this foundation for quite a while now but I didn't want to spend £27 without being sure it'll be perfect for me but I've read a few reviews now and I think I'm pretty much sold on this but I'm still a tiny bit worried about matching a perfect colour! 
2. MUA Brow Palette - £3.50 - It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of MUA and I was so pleased when I first heard they have released a Brow Palette, I was originally going to try the Fashionista offering but I'm sure this is going to brilliant quality, and I will definitely be picking this up next time I'm in Superdrug.
3. Shell Pink Dip Hem Dress - £29.99 - I saw this dress in my local New Look last week and instantly fell in love with it, but I feel like buying it will be a bit pointless as I have nothing nice to wear it to :(!
4. Navy Blue Vans - £40 - I need a new pair of Vans as my grey ones are getting a little bit worse for wear but I don't want another pair of greys so I might go for Navy Blue instead 
5. Striped Jumper - £10 - I'm looking for things I can just chuck on and be comfy at uni, because I'm commuting this year and I'm going to be spending lots of time on buses and trains so I want to make sure I'm going to be comfortable!
6. L'Oreal Perfect Blonde Creme Maximum - £6.29 - I'm thinking of dying my hair completely blonde and this is what I used for my Ombré hair so I will probably use this again, although I'm also thinking of dying my hair red for the autumn so can't really decide! 
7. Watt's Up! Highlighter - £24.50 - I've been umming and ahhing over this Highlighter for most of 2012 and I love the look of it but it's a bit costly for my tiny student budget :(! However it is my birthday next month so this will definitely be on my wishlist! 

What are you lusting for at the moment? Let me know! X 

Primark Haul September

Yesterday afternoon my brother and I decided to take an impromptu visit to our local Primark, which is in Bedford (I'm not including the Northampton one as it's terrible!) I was looking for some bits and pieces I can wear to uni this year and some clothes that are suitable for work!

Owl Jumper - £6 - This was actually part of the lounge and pajama wear but I absolutely adore it so will definitely be wearing this non-stop once the weather gets a bit colder! I love the elbow patches as well so it's a total win all round! 
Tights £1.50 each - I am the worst person ever when it comes to tights, I manage to ladder them instantly but I really  like Primark quality tights so I stocked up on a few different styles 
Fake Eyelashes - £1 - I picked up the natural lashes as well as the full look ones but I think they must have fallen out my basket or something because I didn't pay for them so I'm so gutted! Can't wait for an excuse to wear these as I've heard so much good things about Primark Beauty products!
Slipper Socks £4 - I already have a million pairs of these from last year but I absolutely love them so picked up one of Primark's new style ones, so I'll be packing these away for winter! 

Skinny Jeans - £11 - Needed some new black trousers for work so I'm busting out the black skinnies. I love Primark Jeans but wasn't sure which size to pick up so I just grabbed a 34" and hoped for the best! 

Cream Peplum Top - £8 - I originally picked this up in an 8 and it looked insanely small so settled for a 10 but haven't actually tried this on yet but I love it! Primark has loads of Peplum shirts but they were all really weird designs so I settled with the cream 
White Collared Vest - I actually picked up three of these, but two of them simply would not photograph at all! This white one has lovely lace detail across the shoulders, and I got this in black as well. The final one is also black and has studding detail across the collar which I'm so gutted I couldn't show you all so I'll big it up in an OOTD soon so keep an eye out ;) 

Have you brought anything from Primark recently? Let me know! X 


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