Sunday, 16 September 2012

Maybelline Mascara XXL Extreme Black

Two step mascaras are becoming increasingly popular recently, yet the concept is pretty simple. Step one usually involves a primer type product, which increases the lengths of your eyelashes, whilst step two products more volume. 
I never really set out to buy this product. I tried a two step mascara years ago and was never really blown away by it so I didn't really bother with anymore. Yet I picked up a Maybelline foundation in Boots earlier this week and they currently have an offer of 2 Maybelline Products for £10 so picked up this mascara just to get a bit more for my money. 

Step one: Primer 

As noticeable above the primer is white, which can be a little strange to apply at first. On first application I definitely noticed that my lashes look slightly longer, but it did tend to clump quite a bit. Although this is easily solved with a lash brush I feel slightly let down by the primer as I expected my eyelashes to be ready to put the second step straight on! 

Step Two: Volume 

I felt with this step you really had to work hard to ensure all the primer was covered - nobody wants white lashes! Again I felt this was quite clumpy so had to go through my lashes with a brush, which again isn't really a huge deal but is something I rather wouldn't do! 

Overall I like this mascara but it isn't something I'd use regularly! I think the two step process is quite long winded and not practical for everyday! This is also a complete nightmare to get off, and once it is removed my eyes are always really tiny and hurty! 

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think of it? X 

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