Friday, 19 October 2012

Essie Sand Tropez

When Essie nail polishes were released in Boots I was not one of the many that flocked in to try them out, although I was impressed with their range of shades I was never really blown away by any so it was never a priority for me to try some. However I received an offer of 2 Essie polishes for £12 in Boots 'say yes to summer' offers a few months ago, I cut it the voucher out and popped it in my purse but never really made an effort to use it! However I noticed it was due to expire sometime soon so I went into my local Boots to use it while I still could! 

Sand Tropez is a cool nude shade and it perfect for winter. It's a cool grey-toned nude beige colour which is incredibly versatile! I'm currently wearing it as a base of leopard print nail art! The formula applies so nicely and I am a big fan of the wide brush which Essie is well loved for! However after wearing this polish a few times I have concluded that it needs quite a hard wearing top coat as it is prone to small chipping after a little wear. 

Overall I am really loving Sand Tropez at the moment as a transitional polish from Summer (which seems forever ago!) to winter! It has really made me sit up and take notice of Essie polishes and I feel I will definitely be investing in some more soon! 

Which is your favourite Essie shade? Let me know! X 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Tattoo!

Hi guys! Just a quickie post to share with you all my latest tattoo! I got it this morning as a birthday present from my brother (best present ever!) I'm surprised by how little it hurt and I'm completely in love with it! X 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Birthday Wishlist

#1 Topshop Lipstick in All About Me - £8 - Beginning to have an insane obsession over Topshop lipsticks after purchasing Sartorial so it make sense that one is #1 on my birthday list, providing I don't end up buying it beforehand!
#2 Republic Disco Pants - £28 - Been umming and ahhing over these for ages, but I don't like buying clothes online without knowing they will definitely fit/look good, but think I'm ready for these bad boys! Again I'll probably end up getting these at the Student Lock In tomorrow providing I don't convince myself not to!
#3 Benfit Watts Up Highlighter - £24.50 - I have been after this for so long but hate spending so much on make up! So my birthday seems the best time to ask for it!
#4 Thomas Sabo Ring - £254 - I have been  lusting after this ring for so long it's unreal, but I would be silly to spend so much money! But a girl can dream, right?!
#5 Black Studded High Heels - £34.99 - Saw these in New Look the other day and instantly fell in love and have to have them although I'll probably never wear them :(
#6 Models Own Wonderland Collection - £20 - Absolutely love this collection! Gutted it was released after the 50% promo!
#7 Samsung Tab 2 Decal - £7.99 - As much as I love my Samsung Tablet there isn't much choice for cases and decorations to make it pretty, but I've come across this lovely Decal Shop on eBay, my favourite is this floral Cath Kidston inspired one!
#8 Marc Jacobs Dot Gift Set - £50 - Smelt this last night as my lovely friend Katie has it and instantly fell in love!
#9 Real Techniques Starter Set - £21.99 - Been meaning to pick these up for ages since using the Core Collection!
#10 Sleep In Rollers - £19.50 - I've never really used Rollers before as I have so much hair but I've heard so many good things about these
#11 Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation - £26.50 - I've never really paid  much attention to high end make up but I've had so many recommendations for this so I'm desperate to give it a go! 
#12 Owl Cushion - £14 - Been after one of these forever but never got round to ordering one because I have the attention span of a fish!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Little Ramble

Hi guys! Little bit of a rambly chatty post for everyone tonight, to let you all know what i've been up to recently! As I'm sure you've all probably noticed I have been royally crap with keeping my blog all lovely and updated recently, but life seems to be getting in the way a bit lately!

As I've already mentioned I'm back at Uni full time now, which is pretty horrible! I commute from Milton Keynes to Northampton and I spend roughly 4 hours a day on public transport, which is pretty grim! It's definitely taken me a good few weeks to get into a routine but I'm getting used to it a bit more now so I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with my routine! The work is beginning to pile up as well so I've slowly got to work out some sort of organisation!

I started my new job at H&M on Saturday and I absolutely love it! It's quite hard work and my feet aren't loving all day shifts but I feel so much more comfortable than at my last job. It's 16 hours a week which is quite different to my old 4 hour contract, but I'm enjoying myself so much!

I haven't really been going out and spending much since my last haul, simply because I haven't had much time to go shopping! Although I am going to Northampton's Student Lock In tomorrow night with my lovely Katie, which I'm hoping to take advantage of Topshop's 20% discount on their make up ;) Although I don't think I can justify spending too much!

With my Samsung tablet I mentioned in my last haul I can now write up documents on the go without having to spend ages booting up my netbook, so I'm planning on using the time on my daily commute to start writing up blog posts throughout the day, I'm looking forward to posting a bit more regularly, I've missed you all!

What have you guys been up to recently? Let me know! X

Friday, 5 October 2012

Recent Buys!

Hi guys! Sorry for the really long time between posts again but uni is so stressful at the moment! I'm commuting for approximately 4 hours every day which sucks! Today I'm going to share with you a few of my recent buys in one big collective haul! 

Probably the most extravagant thing I have brought recently is my Samsung Galaxy Tablet which I am already addicted to! I chose this over an iPad as I've already got an iPhone and there isn't much difference between the two so decided on something a bit varied! It's a lot more versatile than an iPad and I absolutely adore it! 

This lace peplum top top is £25 from River Island, but my lovely besty Robyn works in their warehouse and got it half price for me because she's the best <3 haven't actually worn this yet as it's a bit too nice for everyday at uni so I'm saving this for a special occasion!

This iPhone case is also from River Island and is £8. I originally picked it up in white but settled for it in Black to match my actual phone. Although it's spikey it's actually soft to the touch and I love the design of it. I'm going to upgrade to the iPhone 5 soon so I really hope this will be available for the new model! 

Got these earphones from Accessorize because they look really cute but the sound quality is appalling! Cannot hear a thing so was a waste of £9. Not sure if Accessorize will offer a refund on these as they're open but am going to try anyway! 

I got this topshop lipstick in Sartorial on Wednesday and have been wearing it ever since. I wasn't originally drawn to this as it's quite brighter than what I usually wear but was encouraged to get it by Robyn and I adore it. It's the first topshop lipstick I have and I'll definitely be getting more! 

I had a Boots voucher for 2 for £12 on Essie polishes so picked up St Tropez and Matte About You. These two look so great together and I will be reviewing them soon so I don't want to go on about them too much. I was desperate for a matte top coat so definitely lusted over this, but couldn't decide on another to use my voucher so just picked up St Tropez on a whim and actually quite like it! 

As you can see I've been putting my student loan to good use recently! Whats been in your shopping baskets recently? X 


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