Saturday, 30 June 2012

Second Thoughts on 17 Wild Curls Mascara

Last week you may remember my raving review on the 17 wild curls mascara, as I was so pleasantly surprised with it I decided to integrate it into my make up bag, so I decided to use it again for a day at work.  Now I wasn't 100% sure if I was happy to publish this post as I never intended to be negative on my blog, but I felt it's important to update you all on how I got on with this mascara. Admittedly a typical Saturday for me is typically at least 12 hours so I was interested to see how it would last against one of my busiest days, and it ended up looking a lot like this.... 

As soon as I'd it on I had a feeling something wasn't quite right, but it was quite early this morning so I just ignored it and carried on my day, but I did notice it get progressively worse over the first few hours. Originally I just assumed that I was suffering effects from hayfever but after spending the day at work I didn't think this was the case. Throughout the day people mentioned that my eyes looked slightly puffy but it was not until I got home that I realised the extent of what had happened. When I got home I resembled a depressed panda. I had flakes and smudges of mascara all around my eyes and my eyes were puffy and watering. 

Please excuse the appalling pout I appear to have in the above picture, I have poorly eyes so it's completely justified! This picture was taken about 45 minutes after I removed the mascara and my eyes were still puffy and irritable. Fast Forward a few hours and the puffiness has slightly gone down but it feels as if I've spent the day crying! 

I'd like to point out that I have never had any problems with mascara or any cosmetic products before this incident. HOWEVER I'm not 100% sure if it may be an ingredient within the mascara that's caused this as when I wore it before I had little trouble with it and I've never had any problems with other 17 cosmetics. I'd also like to point out that this problem has not altered my view on 17 products overall, but from now on I intend to be a lot more careful over what products I use, especially in delicate areas such as my eyes! 

Weekly Wants #2

Hi Guys! Sorry I've been absent the past few days, everything has happened at once so I've been a bit pre-occupied with personal things but I'm back now and I've missed you all! I've got quite a few posts planned for next week but I thought I'd bring you my weekly wants! 

1. Some Sunshine! - How terrible has the weather been recently?! We've had some heavy showers all evening, but even when it's hot here it's really muggy and horrible :( I'm sure we've all heard and seen the horrible floods up North! Think we all need a nice holiday :) 

2. No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask £12.50 from Boots - My skin has been an absolute nightmare the past few weeks and nothing seems to be helping it, and I've heard a lot of good things about it so I think I may have to give it a try as the biggest problem for me is super dry skin :(! 

3. Teezerman Paw Print Mini Tweezers £14.50 from Boots - I have somehow managed to lose my tweezers, how is that even possible? So my logic is buy some really cute ones and I'd take better care of them and not lose them, will it work? Doubt it. 

4. Drummer Tank by Tee and Cake £22 from Topshop - Ahhh I love this! And I think I have a know a few drummers this will apply to! But after using the search tool it isn't available in any of the Topshop stores near me, so I think I might have a cheeky Topshop order soon! 

5. Princess Red Glitter Wedges £39.99 from Schuh - Sorry for posting about these twice now but I AM IN LOVE with these shoes. I've definitely decided on getting these on friday when I get paid, and I'm practically counting down the days until then! 

6. Cat Face Bag £8 from Matalan - I've seen some quite similar bags to these on eBay, but this is the first of the kind I've seen on the high street and I LOVE cats so this is perfect for me. Matalan also do a fox one so I'm tempted to get both. For £8 you can't really go wrong can you?!

7. Cat Face Shoes £16.99 from Amazon - lalalala I love cats. Now EVERYONE seems to have a pair of these shoes and I've been desperate for a pair for ages, even my mums got a pair! Can't decide between the black or the cream but I think I'll probably get the black first and then buy the cream later on!

My Weekly Wants is slightly smaller this week, it's always typical of me that when I'm about to get paid there's not much I want! Have you seen anything you're lusting after this week? X 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Summer Sales

It's come to that time of the summer when most high street stores have a huge sale on, and in typical fashion I completely forgot, spent all my money and now I'm left browsing wistfully at all the online sales. Below I've picked a few of favourite picks of the summer sales. 

1. Red Princess Glitter Wedges was £68 now £39.99 from Schuh - How gorgeous are these wedges? I always swoon over them whenever I go into Schuh and I'm so happy they're in the sale. I really hope they don't sell out before I get paid! They are also in the sale in other colours, including turquoise, navy and stripey. 
2. Lattice Back Playsuit was £30 now £15 from Topshop - I need a new everyday style Playsuit and this is perfect for me. I love the Lattice styling at the back and I think this would be pretty versatile, to wear with sandals on a warm day, or styled with tights and boots on a colder day. 
3. Aztec Jumper was £22 now £10 from Republic - I love Jumpers from Republic and this is a great neutral one which would go with pretty much everything 
4. High Waist Chinos was £32 now £18 from Topshop - I seem to go through pairs of Chinos so quickly, I always end up staining them or they shrink in the wash, but I really  like these high waisted ones so I might just pick them up next time I'm in Topshop 
5. Coral Spot Dress was £32 now £17 from Dorothy Perkins - I love this dress and it's perfect for a day in the sunshine, this would look really cute with sandals and a little cardigan, but my local Dorothy Perkins hardly stocks anything! 
6. ASOS Chain Handle Bag was £35 now £17 from ASOS - I am in desperate need of a new handbag. The lining of the one I usually use is all torn and I keep loosing money/ my keys/ everything in the hole and it's a nightmare. I love this and it's a nice casual bag that will go with most things 
7. Cobble Wedge Sandals was £55 now £30 from Office - for some reason I only have like 1 pair of sandals which is ridiculous so I really need another pair. Instantly fell in love with these because they're leopard print. Enough said really.... 
8. Conscious Collection Shorts was £19.99 now £9.99 from H&M - How cute are these shorts for a summers day? These would look lovely with sandals and a white blazer 

Have you grabbed anything nice in the sales? X 

June Empties

This month I seem to have quite a few hair products I've finished and not much else! From left to right is:
Charles Worthington Front Row Heat Defence Spray, John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse, James Brown Photo Fabulous Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner, Batiste Dry Shampoo Mini in Coconut and Exotic Tropical, Soap and Glory Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath Mini, Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub.

These have been my go to shampoo and conditioner for the last few months, claiming to moisturise dry hair. I'm still undecided on what I think of these two to be honest. They done the job but I wasn't amazed by it and I found they made my hair really greasy really quickly, and the more I used it the quicker my hair was becoming greasy so I wouldn't personally recommend it or buy it again. 

The Batiste Mini is what I usually just chuck in my bag, and was recently featured in my what's in my handbag and it's nice to just have when you need to refresh your hair on the go. Everyone seems to love this brand due to the loads of different scents but I don't notice them too much. I don't think Batiste is the best brand of dry shampoo but it's pretty cheap and the mini is perfect for on the go as it's nice and light so I'd definitely buy this again. 

The Charles Worthington Spray isn't technically empty but the spray head has completely snapped and it went everywhere and just made a big mess so I've decided to just throw it away. The product itself smelt nice and gave good protection when straightening my hair but the broken packaging let me down. I'm considering buying it again and putting it in another spray packaging but I'm currently using a VO5 one so I'll see how I get on with that.

The John Freida Thickening Mousse worked well as an everyday mousse but I didn't see my hair thickening at all after use, which I don't particularly understand how it would work anyway. The only problem I have with this mousse is that it is quite sticky and I struggled to get to grips with only using a tiny amount as I found using too much left my hair a horrible greasy mess. Again I'd probably buy this again but only if it was on special offer as I feel there are equally as good brands about. 

Phew enough of the hair products now! The Calm One Calm All Mini was from one of the Christmas gift sets Soap and Glory released last year, but I have no idea which one as I received so many! I use this bubble bath a lot and I LOVE it, it has the traditional Soap and Glory feminine scent and it makes loads of bubbles, so I would buy this in the full size again as it's fabulous :)! 

I was quite wary of trying The Breakfast Scrub when I first got it in another Christmas Set. I usually use dS&G's Scrub Actually which I was content with, and for some unexplained reason I use DID NOT want to try this, until I opened it and got a whiff of the smell. OHMYGOD it smells like happy. It smells quite maple syrup-y which explains The 'Breakfast' Scrub! Over all as I scrub I love using it but i'm not a big fan of the packaging. I don't like having to scoop it out with my fingers and I always found I got little gritty bits caught underneath my fingernails which was pretty gross, and when I used this in the bath I always got tiny gritty bits which I ended up sitting on which wasn't too nice either! Despite these little grumbles I'm still in love with it and I would most definitely use it again, and again and again! 

Looking back on it I haven't actually emptied many products this month! I have the worst habit of buying things and using it once then moving on to something else! 
What products have you been loving this month? X 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Take A Walk In My Shoes

Today I have a slightly different post for you all. One of the things I am most proud of is my vast collection of shoes. As Marilyn Monroe once said "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" and I completely agree with this, so I've got a few of my favourite shoes so share with you guys. 

First up we have these little beauties. These were from New Look in 2009 and I would imagine they are quite hard to come by now but these remain one of my favourite pairs of shoes ever. I originally got these to match my outfit for my then boyfriend's Passing Out Parade for his Navy Training, and when I got them I thought I'd wear them once and then they would remain in the back of my wardrobe forever but I was so wrong! These are so comfortable and they are just overall lovely. Unfortunately they are getting slighty too small for me now which I am gutted about  :(! 

Everyone who knows me well knows that I have a slight obsession with Irregular Choice shoes. I adore their quirky colourful designs and these were my first pair of IC, which I brought myself for my 18th birthday, I have the matching handbag as well but I find these shoes quite difficult to wear without intentionally clashing my outfit. I've worn these a few times with aqua blue skinny jeans and a red cardigan but I'm still searching for the perfect outfit to really show off these babies. 
The shoes are available from Irregular Choice and the handbag is available from Amazon. These shoes are available available in looooads of different colours so if you think these are a bit too bright for you, I'm pretty sure these come in green, navy and black, but don't quote me on that!

These were a Christmas Present from my Mum last year, which she surprised me with after knowing that I adored them. We originally saw these in Camden in the summer but they were something like £80, which I knew were over-priced for Iron Fist so I gave them a miss, and I pretty much forgot about them for a while, but when they were half price in the Schuh pre-christmas sale they were about £40-£45 so my mum got them whilst she could, good thing too as I heard they were really popular! I very nearly returned these as they were quite uncomfortable to begin with, and I could not walk in them at all (which has NEVER happened to me before!) but I stuck with them and I love them as much today as I did them I first unwrapped them at Christmas. 
I haven't seen this pair on sale for quite a while now, but Schuh currently stock them in pink, and New Look are currently selling the pink, aqua and blue in their sale. If you're after the purple ones the best bet would probably be Amazon or Ebay! 

These are another pair from New Look, and the shoes I wore for my Sixth Form Prom. They're not usually my first 'go to' shoes when I'm wanting to wear something special but they really matched my pink floral prom dress. I haven't really worn these much since but I still really like them. 

Ahhh I still can't believe I have these shoes! These are from Office and originally belonged to my mum (which were a present from my dad, ooops!) but I needed a pair of Leopard Print shoes for a night out and my mum hesitantly offered me these, on the condition I looked after them and didn't let anyone spill any drinks on them (a difficult feat on a night out with my friends!) and I can remember spending the entire night screaming 'be careful of my shoes!' I'm not too sure how old these are but they're definitely a few years old and not current Office Stock, so again it would be pretty difficult to get hold of these now! Despite these being one of the highest heels I own I don't find these difficult to walk in at all, and these can be dressed up and down which I love. 

These were another pair from last Christmas's Schuh sale. I lusted after these for quite a while, but I had an issue with them not looking symmetrical and for some reason that really put me off of them so I never wanted to spend money on shoes I weren't completely happy on. However when they were reduced in the sale this was the last pair left, and luckily they don't look too noticeable so I decided to get them on a whim. I don't think I've ever actually worn these out which looking back on it now really shocks me but I  love the bright floral design and I will definitely be wearing these at the next possible opportunity. 

This is the last pair of high heels I have for you and I definitely think I've saved the best until last. These are again sale shoes from Office last summer(what can I say, I love a good bargain!) And I think these came in a few different colours but these were the last pair they had in stock. This are a size bigger than I usually wear but I was so desperate to own them I got them anyway, intending to wear them with insoles, but these feel fine without them. As you can imagine these are a nightmare to put on, with having to open the ribbons up quite wide, and although it's difficult to see in the above picture, they also have quite a long ribbon which is supposed to go around your ankle and but I found it impossible to tie these up and not have to constantly re-tie them on a night out, but I think these are so gorgeous I put up with the problems anyway! These are last years style but there's a few floating around on Ebay, if you search 'Office Bedroom Antics' (I've just found out these were made in turquoise as well, oh my god they're gorgeous)  

These are only a few favourites of my extensive shoe collection, as you can see most of them are 'statement' shoes, which really represents my love of shoes, and which most of these I keep my outfits quite simple, almost as if you say 'LOOK AT MY GORGEOUS SHOES' 

Have you got as much of a shoe addiction as I have? And do you do you have a pair of shoes which just look at and think 'oh my god they're so gorgeous' or is that just me?! X 

Monday, 25 June 2012

NOTD: Mermaid Nails

Since friday's little shopping splurge I've been spoilt for choice on what to wear on my nails. Anyone who knows me well knows that I usually change my nail polish on a daily basis, and sometimes even more than that (naughty I know!) but since painting my nails like this on friday night I've kept this all weekend! 

For this manicure I used Nails Inc Montpelier Square (the metallic silver) with an accent nail using Fitzroy Square (glittery teal blue) I fell in love with Fitzroy Square the second I opened it but I felt it was quite 'in your face' for everyday wear, so toned it down with the Montpelier Square. I love the way that the silver compliments the glitter of the blue and the metallic finish is a great pairing with a 3D Glitter polish. The only fault I have with this combination is due to the nature of the 3D Glitter Special Effects Fitzroy Square is quite a rough polish, despite using two thick coats of top coat, which I know is going to be a nightmare to remove! 

This is the fourth day of wear and it's still perfectly in place which I what I would have opened from a high end brand such as Nails Inc. From the above picture you may notice a small imperfection on my pinky nail, this is excess glitter from my Princess Nails which is really stubborn and just would not come off! Despite that the Montpelier Square covered it really well, and it is only noticeable when looking at it close up. 

Both of these Nails Inc polishes were purchased as part two different gift sets. Unfortunately I couldn't find the name of the gifts set on the packaging and they are not on the Nails Inc website,  and as they were from TK Maxx I'm guessing they're a bit old! But after having a search around, Fitzroy Square is available for £11 from debenhams and Montpelier Square is available for £11 from Nails Inc, which is currently part of their 3 for 2 pick & mix offer! 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

17 Wild Curls Mascara in Wildest Black

As mentioned in friday's haul post I purchased 17's Wild Curls Mascars in 'Wildest Black' for £1 as part of their 'say yes to summer' voucher promotion. I was quite skeptical of this mascara to begin with. Usually when products are priced so cheap I assume that they're not the best quality, yet I was pleasantly surprised with this! 
First off I have to mention the gorgeous packaging of this mascara. Many people find leopard print cheap and tacky but I adore it, and with the metallic gold I think it gives it a really fun edge. It's a traditional cylindrical shape in comparison to other 17 mascaras such as Falsieye, which has a more rectangular shape and I personally found that to feel a bit weird when I first tried it.  

One of the things I was most surprised about with this product is the brush, with my usual preference for mascara brushes bring big and wide, so I thought it may be quite difficult to get the hang of applying this but I found no problems at all, which was pleasant. The small uneven bristles on the brush makes it easy to reach every lash and I feel makes it a lot easier to apply the mascara. Another problem I usually have with mascara's is that they feel quite wet and 'gloopy' when new but I didn't notice this at all with Wild Curls, as having anything too heavy or uncomfortable on my lashes is a definite no-no for me and I wouldn't consider anything I felt didn't 'feel' nice on my lashes. 

First of all I apologise for my incredibly blotchy skin, I think I've had a bad reaction to a mask I used this morning :(! Instead you can just look at my gorgeous wallpaper :)  But above is a picture with one coat of Wild Curls, and this is how I'd usually wear it for an everyday look. As well as curling my lashes it also spread lashes. 

Overall I think this is a permanent fixture to my makeup routine. As well as lengthening my lashes it also separates and  doesn't clump at all. I have been wearing this mascara for approximately 9 hours now and there is no sign of clumping or smudging at all. I feel this would also be a great mascara for a night out as well with a few more coats! 

17 Wild Curls Mascara is available in Black, Brown, Wildest Black and Black Waterproof from boots and for £6.29, or £1 if you've received a voucher like mine!*  This is the third 17 mascara I have tried and I am extremely impressed with all of them!

*Despite not paying full price for this product, I feel my opinion is 100% honest as always, and the price has in no way swayed my review in any way, and I would gladly re-purchase this for full price. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Weekly Wants #1

Evening all! I wasn't intending on posting this evening but I've been really poorly all day and need something to take my mind off of things! But I hope everyone has had a better Saturday than mine, which has consisted of being in bed watching Hackney 2012 and reading the Fifty Shades of Grey Triology (although when I put it like that it doesn't sound like too bad of a day!) I've also spent today doing some virtual window shopping, which is truly lethal! I've narrowed down some of  my favourites for you!

1. Coral Dragonfly Print Dress £38 from Dorothy Perkins - How gorgeous is this dress? I love dragonflies and coral is one of my favourite colours at the moment so the second I saw this I fell in love. It could easily be dressed up or down but I think £38 is quite expensive for a dress but I'm sure I will wear it lots, so I'm definitely debating this one! 
2. Real Techniques Starter Set £21.99 from Boots - Since trying out the Real Techniques Core Collection I have become officially addicted. I love eye makeup so I definitely want to try these soon. It took me forever to get round to purchasing my Core Collection so let's hope it doesn't take me so long with these! 
3. Disney Couture Cinderella Stacking Rings £31.95 from Amazon - Now if anyone's read my about me they will know I'm a huge Disney fan and I think these are absolutely adorable. Disney Couture always create such beautiful pieces of jewelry, and I believe these are also available in Silver, and I usually prefer silver jewelry over gold but I think these are stunning. 
4.  Leather Satchel £89.99 from Clarks - I see this bag all the time at work and I'm desperate for a good quality Satchel bag but I can't justify spending that much on a bag, even with my staff discount it's still out of my price range, fingers crossed it will one day be reduced! 
5. Pale Pink Glitter High Heel Courts £65 from Schuh - Now honestly, how gorgeous are these shoes? I need a decent pair of nude high heels, by only pair are a yucky patent style which really hurts my feet, and I know Schuh always have good quality shoes, plus I'm a sucker for the glittery heels <3 
6. Carry Sculptured Heel Wedges £40 from Chocker Shoes - How out of place do these shoes look in comparison to all the lovely girly things surrounding it? I've seen so many of these style of shoes pop up on online shoe shops but haven't seen any in high street stores? With the suede look and added spikes these will channel my inner Gaga, and i'm desperate to try a pair just to see how they feel!! 

Have you seen anything online that you're desperate for?
Have you tried the Real Techniques Starter Set? I don't think I've seen many of reviews of them in comparison to the core collection!
And has ANYONE tried sculptured heel wedges? And do they have a proper name? I'm desperate to see how they feel in comparison to conventional high heels! X 

Friday, 22 June 2012

17 and Nails Inc Mini Haul

Having received a Boots 'say yes to summer' advantage card points leaflet not too long ago I realised they were offering a 17 Wild Curls mascara for £1. I'm a big fan of 17's Faliseye Mascara and also own their Peep Show I was excited to add another 17 Mascara to my growing collection. Now I walked into my local boots with every intention of picking up a Wild Curls and nothing else, yet when I walked in and saw that 17 were offering a free 'Fest of all' kit with every purchase of over £6 worth of their products I knew I had to grab one. I added a blush in 'Nude' and a Lasting Fix nail polish in Orange Soda. 

Within the 'Fest of all' kit includes another Lasting Fix nail polish in Tropical Island (Just my luck to pick up a colour which is nearly identical to the free one!) A kohl eyeliner in Oynx and a mini Instant Glow Body Bronzer in medium matte. Although it is a small sample I am really looking forward to using trying it out. With my £1 mascara voucher and the free kit the total in boots came to £7.48 which I think is fantastic value for the amount of products I got.  

(L-R) Nails Inc in Fitzroy Square, Silver Glitter Caviar Top Coat, Buckingham Street, 17 Orange Soda
Bottom Row: Nails Inc Edinburgh Gate, Montpelier Square, Clifford Street, 17 Tropical Island

Now I have a confession to make. I like glittery things, and I like nail polish. So when my parents declared they were going to have a look in TK Maxx, I wasn't too excited. Personally I'm not a huge fan of TK Maxx and only really look at their cosmetic section, but when I saw their Nails Inc gift sets I was like a kid in a sweet shop. They had a huge selection (*cough* for once) of gift sets and I had to really hold myself from buying them all. In the end I couldn't choose between two (top row and bottom row) so I bit the bullet and got both, and I'm sure my bank account is going to hate me for it. I haven't tried any of them out yet as I'm still wearing my princess nails but I know I'm going to struggle on which ones to wear first! 

Have you taken advantage of the Boots say yes to summer vouchers yet? As well as my £1 Wild Curls one there is also 2 for £12 on Essie polishes (which I can't wait to use) as well as fantastic offers on electricals and self tan. 
And does everyone ever find nice things in TK Maxx? I've heard so many stories but with the poorly stocked ones in Milton Keynes i'm beginning to think they're all myths! X 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

NOTD: Princess Nails

With the weather being so dull and with lack of a better word, depressing, today I felt I needed something a bit special to have on my nails today. Last weekend I purchased  a Barry M Nail Paint in Pink Iridescent and have been desperate to put it to the test. In the bottle it has gorgeous glitter particles in shades of pink, blue, silver and I can't help but 'ooooh' and 'ahhh' over how pretty it looks.

I layed Pink Iridescent over Leighton Denny's 'Babydoll' to create a flash of gorgeous 'princess-y' goodness and since applying this I can't help but smile whenever I look down at my nails, despite it looking gorgeous teamed with a pale pink nail polish I think this shade would be wearable with a whole range of colours, and I'm looking forward to teaming it with OPI Fly in order to create a Nicki Minaj-esque look.

(L-R) OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, Leighton Denny 'Babydoll', Barry M Pink Iridescent, OPI Top Coat

To create this look I used one layer of each of the above polishes, I only ever use OPI base and top coats as I feel they give my nails a gorgeous finish and complete any look. 

Have you tried Barry M Pink Iridescent? If so what did you think of it? And what are you currently wearing on your nails? X 

What's in my handbag?

Brown Leather Bag - £19.99 in Clarks winter sale (not including staff discount)

First of all I would like to apologise for two similar posts in the same day, having already posted my Whats in my makeup bag? this morning, but I feel letting you all have a good nose in two of my most used products will allow a better introduction than my pitiful about me! I've got quite the collection of handbags but this is one of my favourites which I find myself grabbing for most of the time. It's not often I buy bags from work as I don't like to spend too much on handbags but seeing this one in the sale I knew I had to have it. It has one zip compartment and an open compartment either side which allows plenty of space, as well as having a smaller zipped pocket in the main section which is great for my mobile phone or keys. 

iPhone 4, Acer Aspire One Happy Netbook in Lilac, Kobo Touch eReader in Lilac

These are the three pieces of technology I carry with me most places. I've cheated slightly here as post of the time my phone is actually in my pocket as I feel really paranoid not having it on my person, yet it resides in my bag if I have no pockets or if my hands are full. I don't always carry my Netbook with me as I don't always feel the need to, but if I'm on a long train or bus journey I like to have it with me when I have to catch up on work, it was a lifesaver during my exam period and it's so much lighter and smaller than my normal laptop so it's a lot more convenient and fits nicely in the majority of my handbags. My eReader is a fairly  new purchase and a gift from my parents. My mum had one which she never used so I stole it and gave it a good home, unfortunately her's broke not too long ago so I upgraded to a Kobo and I cannot recommend it enough! I'm currently re-reading the Harry Potter series and the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy so I'm getting plenty of use out of it!  

Aviary Mid Year Planner - £7 from Paperchase 

As I have recently finished the first year of my degree my resolution for the next academic year is to become more organised with my life (I say it every year, so fail I've just been a massive fail!) So I'm getting an early start to organise myself with this planner. I'm a bit early in this since I've had it since May and it doesn't start until July but I am already getting good use from it through planning. I have been using the different colour glitter gel pens just to make it look a lot more prettier than it already does :)

Soap and Glory Mist-You-Madly Body Spray, Soap and Glory Hand Food, Soap and Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Facial Wipes, Batiste Mini Dry Shampoo in Tropical, Mini Kleenex Tissues, Purple Tangle Teezer 

I try not too carry round too many products with me as I find they tend to get damaged in my bag and I usually forget about them so I've tried to keep it to the essentials. The Soap and Glory body spray is one of the nicest things I have ever smelt and is my traditional scent as it's so light and girly. I have a tenancy to get really dry skin on my hands so I keep a spare tube of Hand Food in my bag and it always sorts me out. I'm not a huge fan of using face wipes so I keep these in my bag for any emergency. Again I love the scent of these but I much preferred the old packaging with the plastic opening for this wipes as I feel the sticker top can get caught a lot easier in my bag and it results in them opening in my bag and drying out. I'm not a huge fan of Dry Shampoo so I only have a small can in my bag for when I really need but. When I first heard the concept of Tangle Teezers I wasn't too convinced, but brought one on a whim and I haven't looked back since. I've now got the compact leopard print one too but I keep the bigger one in my bag. 

Passport, Keys, Umbrella (£5.99 *I think* from H&M) Purse (Clarks - £19.99 last year without Staff Discount) Paracetamol

The only form of ID I currently have is my passport, which is an absolute nightmare! I keep meaning to get my provisional sorted but I never seem to get round to it. Since moving to University my keys have tripled in size yet I still find myself losing them all the time. At the moment I'm carrying my umbrella everywhere with me as the weather is changing so rapidly. I absolutely love the design of my purse, it was released in Clarks last April to celebrate the Royal Wedding, in fact I love the floral Union Jack design so much I have both purses that Clarks sold, the other being more of a traditional coin-purse style, so I usually switch between the two. I often suffer from headaches so I feel a lot better carrying Paracetamol around with me. 

What is your handbag like? And what sort of things do you always carry with you? X 

What's in my makeup bag?

Bird Print Makeup Bag - £5.99 - H&M 

For my everyday makeup look I rarely tend to mix things up at all, I much prefer to stick to carrying around a few essential items so I can quickly top up on the go without having to worry about having a million different products cluttering up my makeup bag. For the bag itself I fell in love with the design the second I saw it. It's quite a bit bigger than usual bag up makes, which makes it great for throwing in any extra products if I'm travelling, and the bird print instantly did it for me. 

'Everyday' make up 

Above is everything I usually carry in my makeup bag, as you can see I've got most of the essentials and as my bag is so spacious it comfortably fits my Real Techniques Core Collection brushes which is always ideal for touch ups throughout the day. 

 Face - Benefit The Porefessional Mini, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 001 Transparent, Accessorize Blusher in Scandal, Vivo Baked Bronze in Shade 2, GOSH X-ceptional Wear in Porcelain, Mememe Flawless Concealer in Porcelain, Accessorize Highligher 

First of all a huge sorry for not cleaning my makeup brushes! Although I can promise you they were cleaned on Monday so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! As you can see from the shades of both my foundation and concealer, I have extremely pale skin and I really struggle with finding a good quality foundation which isn't going to leave me with an unrealistic skin tone. By itself I don't rate my GOSH foundation too highly but since teaming it with The Porefessional I have noticed an improvement. I don't use the bronzer and highlighter everyday but use it on a 'need to' basis, using either when I feel like it. 

17 Falsifeye Mascara in Black, Natural Collection Liquid Eyeliner in Black, Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara in Black 

My 17 Mascara is my ultimate go to mascara, I am obsessed with it and it gives me amazing lashes all the time, and I'm sure it's a mascara I will repurchase when I'm finished with this one. I also use my Soap and Glory Thick and Fast as I'm trying my hardest to fall in love with this too, at first I wasn't too keen on it but over time I'm beginning to warn to it, and it gives my lashes a more longer look in comparison to 17. I don't often use eyeliner so I never really feel the need to spend a vast amount on it (and when I do use eyeliner it's usually part of my Front Cover Rainbow Eyes) and admittedly I use this eyeliner more as a replacement nail art pen rather than for it's proper use but every now and then I decide to use this so it's nice to keep it on hand. 

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake, Vaseline Lip Therapy, MUA Lipstick in Shade 7 

Since the Revlon Lip Butters have been released in the UK I have been obsessed with them, I did have one in Peach Parfait as well but I seem to have lost it, which I am heartbroken about as I did prefer that colour to Strawberry Shortcake. I suffer from really dry lips so I tend to swing towards lip products which aim to keep my lips in top condition and Vaseline never disappoints me. Shade 7 is probably my favourite shade of the MUA lipsticks for the daytime as it's a gorgeous rosy pink shade which is really versatile and I feel I can wear it with most things. 

Are any of these products in your makeup bag? And is there any products that are your makeup must haves? Let me know! 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Great Big Hello!

Hello world! I've decided to start a blog, in order to document what I do and share my thoughts and feelings on things that interest me. So I suppose now is a good time to introduce myself! First of my name is Samantha and i'm currently studying a full time degree in Psychology at the University of Northampton. I also  work at Clarks Shoes, which probably does not help my shoe addiction too much!

Other than my shoe addiction I am also passionate about beauty and fashion which i'm sure will be reflected in coming blog posts! Aside from that I'm also a big fan of anything Disney - especially The Muppets <3

Now I'm beginning to run out of interesting facts about myself and I'd hate to bore you all to death before the fun starts! But to find me on twitter here


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