Saturday, 23 June 2012

Weekly Wants #1

Evening all! I wasn't intending on posting this evening but I've been really poorly all day and need something to take my mind off of things! But I hope everyone has had a better Saturday than mine, which has consisted of being in bed watching Hackney 2012 and reading the Fifty Shades of Grey Triology (although when I put it like that it doesn't sound like too bad of a day!) I've also spent today doing some virtual window shopping, which is truly lethal! I've narrowed down some of  my favourites for you!

1. Coral Dragonfly Print Dress £38 from Dorothy Perkins - How gorgeous is this dress? I love dragonflies and coral is one of my favourite colours at the moment so the second I saw this I fell in love. It could easily be dressed up or down but I think £38 is quite expensive for a dress but I'm sure I will wear it lots, so I'm definitely debating this one! 
2. Real Techniques Starter Set £21.99 from Boots - Since trying out the Real Techniques Core Collection I have become officially addicted. I love eye makeup so I definitely want to try these soon. It took me forever to get round to purchasing my Core Collection so let's hope it doesn't take me so long with these! 
3. Disney Couture Cinderella Stacking Rings £31.95 from Amazon - Now if anyone's read my about me they will know I'm a huge Disney fan and I think these are absolutely adorable. Disney Couture always create such beautiful pieces of jewelry, and I believe these are also available in Silver, and I usually prefer silver jewelry over gold but I think these are stunning. 
4.  Leather Satchel £89.99 from Clarks - I see this bag all the time at work and I'm desperate for a good quality Satchel bag but I can't justify spending that much on a bag, even with my staff discount it's still out of my price range, fingers crossed it will one day be reduced! 
5. Pale Pink Glitter High Heel Courts £65 from Schuh - Now honestly, how gorgeous are these shoes? I need a decent pair of nude high heels, by only pair are a yucky patent style which really hurts my feet, and I know Schuh always have good quality shoes, plus I'm a sucker for the glittery heels <3 
6. Carry Sculptured Heel Wedges £40 from Chocker Shoes - How out of place do these shoes look in comparison to all the lovely girly things surrounding it? I've seen so many of these style of shoes pop up on online shoe shops but haven't seen any in high street stores? With the suede look and added spikes these will channel my inner Gaga, and i'm desperate to try a pair just to see how they feel!! 

Have you seen anything online that you're desperate for?
Have you tried the Real Techniques Starter Set? I don't think I've seen many of reviews of them in comparison to the core collection!
And has ANYONE tried sculptured heel wedges? And do they have a proper name? I'm desperate to see how they feel in comparison to conventional high heels! X 


  1. Hi, nice post! I have a serious shoe obssesion, cyrrently loving anything that goes on my feet and has studs. keep up with the great content! happy to be your newest follower! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

    1. Thank you! :) My shoe obsession is getting a little out of hand, I have nowhere to put any new shoes! I love the stud trend but I feel it's more night out than daywear! xxx



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