Friday, 22 June 2012

17 and Nails Inc Mini Haul

Having received a Boots 'say yes to summer' advantage card points leaflet not too long ago I realised they were offering a 17 Wild Curls mascara for £1. I'm a big fan of 17's Faliseye Mascara and also own their Peep Show I was excited to add another 17 Mascara to my growing collection. Now I walked into my local boots with every intention of picking up a Wild Curls and nothing else, yet when I walked in and saw that 17 were offering a free 'Fest of all' kit with every purchase of over £6 worth of their products I knew I had to grab one. I added a blush in 'Nude' and a Lasting Fix nail polish in Orange Soda. 

Within the 'Fest of all' kit includes another Lasting Fix nail polish in Tropical Island (Just my luck to pick up a colour which is nearly identical to the free one!) A kohl eyeliner in Oynx and a mini Instant Glow Body Bronzer in medium matte. Although it is a small sample I am really looking forward to using trying it out. With my £1 mascara voucher and the free kit the total in boots came to £7.48 which I think is fantastic value for the amount of products I got.  

(L-R) Nails Inc in Fitzroy Square, Silver Glitter Caviar Top Coat, Buckingham Street, 17 Orange Soda
Bottom Row: Nails Inc Edinburgh Gate, Montpelier Square, Clifford Street, 17 Tropical Island

Now I have a confession to make. I like glittery things, and I like nail polish. So when my parents declared they were going to have a look in TK Maxx, I wasn't too excited. Personally I'm not a huge fan of TK Maxx and only really look at their cosmetic section, but when I saw their Nails Inc gift sets I was like a kid in a sweet shop. They had a huge selection (*cough* for once) of gift sets and I had to really hold myself from buying them all. In the end I couldn't choose between two (top row and bottom row) so I bit the bullet and got both, and I'm sure my bank account is going to hate me for it. I haven't tried any of them out yet as I'm still wearing my princess nails but I know I'm going to struggle on which ones to wear first! 

Have you taken advantage of the Boots say yes to summer vouchers yet? As well as my £1 Wild Curls one there is also 2 for £12 on Essie polishes (which I can't wait to use) as well as fantastic offers on electricals and self tan. 
And does everyone ever find nice things in TK Maxx? I've heard so many stories but with the poorly stocked ones in Milton Keynes i'm beginning to think they're all myths! X 


  1. It seems like everyone is getting different vouchers in that little Boots booklet!

    Chelle x

    1. Really? What other ones are there? I'm quite happy with the ones I got :) x

  2. Wow, love the Nails Inc sets! I've had pretty good luck with getting nail polishes from TK Maxx (Cheltenham), but am always disappointed with the Nail Inc sets they have - wish my branch stocked the ones you got! I've also got some super cheap Essies and Barielle polishes from there, and they have lots of other brands I haven't really heard of too! Never found any clothes I like from TK Maxx though! x

    1. I have two local TK Maxx's, and one used to sell so many OPI's but they seemed to have stopped recently. I never really go into the one I brought these from but I was in the area so went in on a whim, so glad I did! X



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