Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Take A Walk In My Shoes

Today I have a slightly different post for you all. One of the things I am most proud of is my vast collection of shoes. As Marilyn Monroe once said "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" and I completely agree with this, so I've got a few of my favourite shoes so share with you guys. 

First up we have these little beauties. These were from New Look in 2009 and I would imagine they are quite hard to come by now but these remain one of my favourite pairs of shoes ever. I originally got these to match my outfit for my then boyfriend's Passing Out Parade for his Navy Training, and when I got them I thought I'd wear them once and then they would remain in the back of my wardrobe forever but I was so wrong! These are so comfortable and they are just overall lovely. Unfortunately they are getting slighty too small for me now which I am gutted about  :(! 

Everyone who knows me well knows that I have a slight obsession with Irregular Choice shoes. I adore their quirky colourful designs and these were my first pair of IC, which I brought myself for my 18th birthday, I have the matching handbag as well but I find these shoes quite difficult to wear without intentionally clashing my outfit. I've worn these a few times with aqua blue skinny jeans and a red cardigan but I'm still searching for the perfect outfit to really show off these babies. 
The shoes are available from Irregular Choice and the handbag is available from Amazon. These shoes are available available in looooads of different colours so if you think these are a bit too bright for you, I'm pretty sure these come in green, navy and black, but don't quote me on that!

These were a Christmas Present from my Mum last year, which she surprised me with after knowing that I adored them. We originally saw these in Camden in the summer but they were something like £80, which I knew were over-priced for Iron Fist so I gave them a miss, and I pretty much forgot about them for a while, but when they were half price in the Schuh pre-christmas sale they were about £40-£45 so my mum got them whilst she could, good thing too as I heard they were really popular! I very nearly returned these as they were quite uncomfortable to begin with, and I could not walk in them at all (which has NEVER happened to me before!) but I stuck with them and I love them as much today as I did them I first unwrapped them at Christmas. 
I haven't seen this pair on sale for quite a while now, but Schuh currently stock them in pink, and New Look are currently selling the pink, aqua and blue in their sale. If you're after the purple ones the best bet would probably be Amazon or Ebay! 

These are another pair from New Look, and the shoes I wore for my Sixth Form Prom. They're not usually my first 'go to' shoes when I'm wanting to wear something special but they really matched my pink floral prom dress. I haven't really worn these much since but I still really like them. 

Ahhh I still can't believe I have these shoes! These are from Office and originally belonged to my mum (which were a present from my dad, ooops!) but I needed a pair of Leopard Print shoes for a night out and my mum hesitantly offered me these, on the condition I looked after them and didn't let anyone spill any drinks on them (a difficult feat on a night out with my friends!) and I can remember spending the entire night screaming 'be careful of my shoes!' I'm not too sure how old these are but they're definitely a few years old and not current Office Stock, so again it would be pretty difficult to get hold of these now! Despite these being one of the highest heels I own I don't find these difficult to walk in at all, and these can be dressed up and down which I love. 

These were another pair from last Christmas's Schuh sale. I lusted after these for quite a while, but I had an issue with them not looking symmetrical and for some reason that really put me off of them so I never wanted to spend money on shoes I weren't completely happy on. However when they were reduced in the sale this was the last pair left, and luckily they don't look too noticeable so I decided to get them on a whim. I don't think I've ever actually worn these out which looking back on it now really shocks me but I  love the bright floral design and I will definitely be wearing these at the next possible opportunity. 

This is the last pair of high heels I have for you and I definitely think I've saved the best until last. These are again sale shoes from Office last summer(what can I say, I love a good bargain!) And I think these came in a few different colours but these were the last pair they had in stock. This are a size bigger than I usually wear but I was so desperate to own them I got them anyway, intending to wear them with insoles, but these feel fine without them. As you can imagine these are a nightmare to put on, with having to open the ribbons up quite wide, and although it's difficult to see in the above picture, they also have quite a long ribbon which is supposed to go around your ankle and but I found it impossible to tie these up and not have to constantly re-tie them on a night out, but I think these are so gorgeous I put up with the problems anyway! These are last years style but there's a few floating around on Ebay, if you search 'Office Bedroom Antics' (I've just found out these were made in turquoise as well, oh my god they're gorgeous)  

These are only a few favourites of my extensive shoe collection, as you can see most of them are 'statement' shoes, which really represents my love of shoes, and which most of these I keep my outfits quite simple, almost as if you say 'LOOK AT MY GORGEOUS SHOES' 

Have you got as much of a shoe addiction as I have? And do you do you have a pair of shoes which just look at and think 'oh my god they're so gorgeous' or is that just me?! X 


  1. LOVE this post! I adore shoes, I recently got 6 pairs of heels for less than £30 in Barratts when they had a mega sale on! :O lol! The first shoes (the blue ones) are my favourite, they are beautiful!!

    1. Oh my god I need to be getting myself to Barratts! The blue ones are so comfy but they're just a tiny bit too small now, absolutely gutted! X

  2. Mm, amazinmg shoes...impossible to pick a favourite!

  3. I have the exact same pair of black new look shoes with bows - I got them in purple too! xxx



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