Friday, 30 November 2012

Ramble / New Hair!

Hi guys! Before I start I have to say a huuuuuuge sorry for being so crap recently! I have literally had no free time to think of anything bloggy recently! Despite buying an iPad with the intention of using it to be able to blog on the go I have only really used it for silly little things! But I have so much living in my 'to blog about box' so expect a whole heap of posts coming up soon! 
One major thing I have to share with you all is that I've gone blonde! After a lot of umming and ahhing I've finally plucked up the courage and bleached my hair! I originally had a bit of a disaster and I had about a hundred million different shades if yellow, white and ginger in my hair I've managed to salvage it and I'm so happy with it now! Admittedly it's a little dry and sad from the amount of abuse I've put it through this past week so I need to give my hair a lot of TLC! Unfortunately in all of the drama I didn't manage to take many pictures of the various stages or note down the names of the (many) dyes I used! However I know the final one was a L'oreal Ferria one in one of the lightest blondes they offer! Here's a few pictures of my new colour.... 

The super observant among my lovely readers will have noticed I took these pics while getting ready to go to work (hence the lanyard and badge!) The new store in Bletchley opened yesterday and its actually amazing! everything looks so pretty and new! I don't want to ramble on about it too much but if anyone is in the Bletchley/Milton Keynes area come by and say hello! 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Models Own Southern Lights

For my birthday my lovely friend Aimee brought me the Models Own Wonderland Collection, which incorporates my love for nail polish and all things glittery, so this seemed quite an appropriate gift choice for me! With my magpie tendencies I really couldn't decide which to try first so it was really a case of closing my eyes and pointing, and I picked up this little beauty! 

I can only describe Southern Lights as a disco ball for your nails. It is so difficult to capture the beauty of this product on camera, but it is SO GLITTERY! It is a lilac toned polish with small traces of multi coloured glitter, which looks silver in some lighting and I have found myself momentarily mesmerized by how pretty this looks! 
The lasting power of this really is something else! With a lot of glitter polishes I tend to find it comes away quite quickly and I usually leave glitter all over the place but this is definitely not the case with Southern Lights! The pictures are on my third day of wear and they are still as perfect as when I first applied the polish! 

Overall I would class Southern Lights as quite a 'statement' polish in that it really grabs peoples attention. I have had a few people comment on it at work, so I think I will probably save this polish for certain occasions, mostly for my own benefit so I don't find myself staring at it for prolonged periods of time! 

Have you tried any of the Wonderland Collection? Which is your favourite? X 


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