Friday, 24 May 2013

Huge Collective Haul!

Hi guys! Despite my promise to try and cut back on my spending it has failed miserably so far, and I just haven't been able to control myself haha! Here's a quick look at what I've been buying recently!

I got both pairs of these trousers when they were on special offer on the H&M website so they were only like £7 each, unfortunately they're no longer on offer so I can't remember the exact price! I love them both and they're perfect for summer days (if we ever get any!)

Grey Peplum T shirt - £7
Coral Sleeveless Blouse - £12.99

Picked these up at work today because it's pay day! The peplum t shirt is in the summer promo so it's reduced to £7 and I've been eyeing it up for a while! Its nice and casual and it's something I can throw on when I don't want to make an effort! 
The coral blouse is such a lovely colour and I've fallen in love with it! I got it in the white a few weeks ago and had to buy it again because I love it! It comes in loads of different colours, and I'm sure I'll have it in every one by the time we stop selling them! 

 Conscious Blouse - £10 
White Vest - £4.99

Can never have enough plain white tops! I loved the conscious collection and now this is in the summer promo I had to grab it! 
I couldn't believe the price of the white vest either so I grabbed it up, it's quite see through but it'll be perfect for a night out!  

Models Own - Aqua Splash, Toxic Apple, Golden Shore - £5 each / 3 for £10 

I always seem to pick up some Models Own polishes when I go into my local boots, and I wanted to try the new Splash range, although I haven't had a chance to try them yet! And I love the neon polishes under UV lights on nights out so I picked up the green for a bit of a change! 

Ted Baker Wash Bag - £29

I've been lusting after this since I first laid eyes on it and nowhere that stocks Ted Baker in my local area seemed to have it, but when I was shopping with the lovely Sophie last week I saw they had one in John Lewis so I grabbed it up! 

Ted Baker iPhone 5 Case - £19 

I'm awful with phone cases and I always destroy them so I decided to invest in a more expensive one I know I'd take care of! This one matches my handbag and smells of water melon and I love it! 

Necklace - Topshop £10 

Had a mooch around the new Topshop in Central Milton Keynes with Sophie on saturday and I wasn't blown away by it but I did pick up this necklace and I have been wearing it ever since! I love it with shirts and I'm tempted to go back and get it in the silver! 

Overall I'm happy with everything I've got recently but I do really need to start saving if I want my dream car (or any car for that matter!) X 

*All H&M Products were brought with my staff discount 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

& Other Stories Haul

If you haven't heard of & Other Stories (where have you been?) it is the latest label from H&M, launched in March it offers a whole range of clothing, accessories and beauty products. & Other Stories aim to cater for your entire look, all under one roof, and therefore offer an extending range of ready to wear clothing, skin care and beauty products, and this is what really sets & Other Stories apart from the likes of their 'sister' brands, including H&M and Cos. it's refreshing to see a combination of what completes an individuals look being the focus of a store.

Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to check out & Other Stories only UK store on Regent Street yet, but I have been lusting over their website since it launched back in March, and I am definitely not disappointed! Their site has a very Tumblr-esque feel to it which really promotes their opinion of self expression of fashion. It is also incredibly easy to navigate as I always have a nightmare when ordering online! An added bonus for me was being able to use my staff discount on the online store, which was a pleasant surprise when signing up!

Once I created an account with & Other Stories I headed straight to the Beauty section, where they have a huge selection of make up and skin care products (minus their nail polishes which is so annoying!) after humming and hahhing for what seemed like ages I settled on one of their lipsticks, foundation and a two in one cleanser and toner. The total came to £32 prior to discount which I think is pretty reasonable for what has been classed a more 'high class' brand. 

Cleanse and Tone Treat - £5 

Oh my lord I cannot express my love for this product, and I haven't even tried it yet! The scent is just heavenly! I was drawn to this primarily for its 2-in-1 claims as I am a nightmare when it comes to removing make up and this will surely save time. I'm really looking forward to adding this to my skincare routine and its such a brilliant price! 

All Day Perfecting Foundation in Colour 3- £15

I took a massive risk ordering foundation online without swatching it, but I got really lucky here as it is a perfect match! & Other Stories have a total of 9 shades of their All Day Perfecting Foundation so they cater for a range of different skin tones, however it would be useful for the sight to display more accurate colour swatching to give more of an idea when ordering, instead of just taking a gamble like I did! I haven't worn this all day yet but I've tested it and it's so lovely and soft and again I have fallen in love!

Lipstick in Tissue Pink - £12 

I am a huge lipstick junkie and I love bright colours so I was instantly drawn to Tissue Pink. It looks slightly brighter on their website but I have little darker colours so this is a welcome addition to my collection. It looks and feels like a real high brand lipstick and despite it being a slightly darker tone than I'm used to I'm really looking to trying this and I can already tell this will be trademark summer shade for me. 

A free sample of their Fig Fiction Body Lotion was also very kindly added to my order. I think this is a really lovely touch, and I'm passing it on to my amazing besty Sophie as I know she would love to try it, and she was super disappointed that the polishes weren't on the online store (boo!) 

Have you tried any of & Other Stories own brand beauty items yet? X 


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