Monday, 25 June 2012

NOTD: Mermaid Nails

Since friday's little shopping splurge I've been spoilt for choice on what to wear on my nails. Anyone who knows me well knows that I usually change my nail polish on a daily basis, and sometimes even more than that (naughty I know!) but since painting my nails like this on friday night I've kept this all weekend! 

For this manicure I used Nails Inc Montpelier Square (the metallic silver) with an accent nail using Fitzroy Square (glittery teal blue) I fell in love with Fitzroy Square the second I opened it but I felt it was quite 'in your face' for everyday wear, so toned it down with the Montpelier Square. I love the way that the silver compliments the glitter of the blue and the metallic finish is a great pairing with a 3D Glitter polish. The only fault I have with this combination is due to the nature of the 3D Glitter Special Effects Fitzroy Square is quite a rough polish, despite using two thick coats of top coat, which I know is going to be a nightmare to remove! 

This is the fourth day of wear and it's still perfectly in place which I what I would have opened from a high end brand such as Nails Inc. From the above picture you may notice a small imperfection on my pinky nail, this is excess glitter from my Princess Nails which is really stubborn and just would not come off! Despite that the Montpelier Square covered it really well, and it is only noticeable when looking at it close up. 

Both of these Nails Inc polishes were purchased as part two different gift sets. Unfortunately I couldn't find the name of the gifts set on the packaging and they are not on the Nails Inc website,  and as they were from TK Maxx I'm guessing they're a bit old! But after having a search around, Fitzroy Square is available for £11 from debenhams and Montpelier Square is available for £11 from Nails Inc, which is currently part of their 3 for 2 pick & mix offer! 


  1. so pretty, so jel of your little nails inc haul! especially the multi glitter one! xxxxx

    1. Pretty but a nightmare to get off! Definitely ruined my nails! xxxx



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