Saturday, 30 June 2012

Weekly Wants #2

Hi Guys! Sorry I've been absent the past few days, everything has happened at once so I've been a bit pre-occupied with personal things but I'm back now and I've missed you all! I've got quite a few posts planned for next week but I thought I'd bring you my weekly wants! 

1. Some Sunshine! - How terrible has the weather been recently?! We've had some heavy showers all evening, but even when it's hot here it's really muggy and horrible :( I'm sure we've all heard and seen the horrible floods up North! Think we all need a nice holiday :) 

2. No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask £12.50 from Boots - My skin has been an absolute nightmare the past few weeks and nothing seems to be helping it, and I've heard a lot of good things about it so I think I may have to give it a try as the biggest problem for me is super dry skin :(! 

3. Teezerman Paw Print Mini Tweezers £14.50 from Boots - I have somehow managed to lose my tweezers, how is that even possible? So my logic is buy some really cute ones and I'd take better care of them and not lose them, will it work? Doubt it. 

4. Drummer Tank by Tee and Cake £22 from Topshop - Ahhh I love this! And I think I have a know a few drummers this will apply to! But after using the search tool it isn't available in any of the Topshop stores near me, so I think I might have a cheeky Topshop order soon! 

5. Princess Red Glitter Wedges £39.99 from Schuh - Sorry for posting about these twice now but I AM IN LOVE with these shoes. I've definitely decided on getting these on friday when I get paid, and I'm practically counting down the days until then! 

6. Cat Face Bag £8 from Matalan - I've seen some quite similar bags to these on eBay, but this is the first of the kind I've seen on the high street and I LOVE cats so this is perfect for me. Matalan also do a fox one so I'm tempted to get both. For £8 you can't really go wrong can you?!

7. Cat Face Shoes £16.99 from Amazon - lalalala I love cats. Now EVERYONE seems to have a pair of these shoes and I've been desperate for a pair for ages, even my mums got a pair! Can't decide between the black or the cream but I think I'll probably get the black first and then buy the cream later on!

My Weekly Wants is slightly smaller this week, it's always typical of me that when I'm about to get paid there's not much I want! Have you seen anything you're lusting after this week? X 

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