Saturday, 30 June 2012

Second Thoughts on 17 Wild Curls Mascara

Last week you may remember my raving review on the 17 wild curls mascara, as I was so pleasantly surprised with it I decided to integrate it into my make up bag, so I decided to use it again for a day at work.  Now I wasn't 100% sure if I was happy to publish this post as I never intended to be negative on my blog, but I felt it's important to update you all on how I got on with this mascara. Admittedly a typical Saturday for me is typically at least 12 hours so I was interested to see how it would last against one of my busiest days, and it ended up looking a lot like this.... 

As soon as I'd it on I had a feeling something wasn't quite right, but it was quite early this morning so I just ignored it and carried on my day, but I did notice it get progressively worse over the first few hours. Originally I just assumed that I was suffering effects from hayfever but after spending the day at work I didn't think this was the case. Throughout the day people mentioned that my eyes looked slightly puffy but it was not until I got home that I realised the extent of what had happened. When I got home I resembled a depressed panda. I had flakes and smudges of mascara all around my eyes and my eyes were puffy and watering. 

Please excuse the appalling pout I appear to have in the above picture, I have poorly eyes so it's completely justified! This picture was taken about 45 minutes after I removed the mascara and my eyes were still puffy and irritable. Fast Forward a few hours and the puffiness has slightly gone down but it feels as if I've spent the day crying! 

I'd like to point out that I have never had any problems with mascara or any cosmetic products before this incident. HOWEVER I'm not 100% sure if it may be an ingredient within the mascara that's caused this as when I wore it before I had little trouble with it and I've never had any problems with other 17 cosmetics. I'd also like to point out that this problem has not altered my view on 17 products overall, but from now on I intend to be a lot more careful over what products I use, especially in delicate areas such as my eyes! 


  1. Ick! I have this mascara and so far I've only tested it out very quickly. I hope I don't react in the same way!

    Chelle x

    1. Oh I hope I haven't put you off of it! The first time I tried it I was really happy with it, it's probably just that I picked up a bad one! X



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