Thursday, 27 September 2012

Kobo Touch eReader in Lilac

Hi guys! I have a bit of a different type of review for you all today, I started back at University on Monday and I've really not paid much attention to my usual beauty habits because I've been so tired! So I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite gadgets! 

Since I have started commuting to University everyday I've been using public transport far too often, and it's safe to say it can become quite tedious and boring! So to make my daily commute a little less boring I've been spending some quality time with my eReader. 

The Kobo Touch eReader comes in 4 colours (Black, Silver, Baby Blue and Lilac) but I was drawn to the matte lilac colour. The quilted back gives it an extra edge of class to it and makes it look a lot more expensive than it really is. The design of it is quite strong going as well. I have chucked this in my bag everyday this week and it's remained scratch free!

I chose this eReader over the more popular brands such as Kindle as I never really liked the idea of Kindle only being able to display books brought from Amazon. I like a bit more freedom and Kobo definitely provides me with this! The Kobo store has over 2 million books to choose from, including over 1 million free ones, yet you are able to upload books from other websites as well, and you can also read pdf files which is really useful as well! 

The only downside to my little old eReader is that there is no back-light, which Kobo describe as "like reading actually paper and ink" which is a bit of a pain at times as I used to love curling up under my duvet with my old eReader which was lit! The purpose of this is that the battery life lasts for ages with it, I've had mine since like May and I've only charged it once. 

As well as being a standard eReader, it can also connect to the internet through wireless so you download new eBooks without going through your computer which is really handy! You can unlock achievements for reading different things which provides light entertainment, as well as having a Sudoku and Whiteboard app which makes it a bit more versatile as well! 

Overall I cannot recommend a Kobo eReader enough! They are available at WHSmith stores for £79.99. Do you have a eReader? What do you mostly read? X 


  1. So tempted to get an eReader but i love owning the actual book!

    p.s my life is totally missing a Sam in it. xxxxxxx

  2. I have the kobo touch in baby blue and absolutely love it! I've been reading 'easy' recently by Tammara Webber and it's amazing :)




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