Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Primark Haul September

Yesterday afternoon my brother and I decided to take an impromptu visit to our local Primark, which is in Bedford (I'm not including the Northampton one as it's terrible!) I was looking for some bits and pieces I can wear to uni this year and some clothes that are suitable for work!

Owl Jumper - £6 - This was actually part of the lounge and pajama wear but I absolutely adore it so will definitely be wearing this non-stop once the weather gets a bit colder! I love the elbow patches as well so it's a total win all round! 
Tights £1.50 each - I am the worst person ever when it comes to tights, I manage to ladder them instantly but I really  like Primark quality tights so I stocked up on a few different styles 
Fake Eyelashes - £1 - I picked up the natural lashes as well as the full look ones but I think they must have fallen out my basket or something because I didn't pay for them so I'm so gutted! Can't wait for an excuse to wear these as I've heard so much good things about Primark Beauty products!
Slipper Socks £4 - I already have a million pairs of these from last year but I absolutely love them so picked up one of Primark's new style ones, so I'll be packing these away for winter! 

Skinny Jeans - £11 - Needed some new black trousers for work so I'm busting out the black skinnies. I love Primark Jeans but wasn't sure which size to pick up so I just grabbed a 34" and hoped for the best! 

Cream Peplum Top - £8 - I originally picked this up in an 8 and it looked insanely small so settled for a 10 but haven't actually tried this on yet but I love it! Primark has loads of Peplum shirts but they were all really weird designs so I settled with the cream 
White Collared Vest - I actually picked up three of these, but two of them simply would not photograph at all! This white one has lovely lace detail across the shoulders, and I got this in black as well. The final one is also black and has studding detail across the collar which I'm so gutted I couldn't show you all so I'll big it up in an OOTD soon so keep an eye out ;) 

Have you brought anything from Primark recently? Let me know! X 


  1. I love that peplum top, let me know how it fits because it looks perfect! xxx

    1. I tried it on this morning and it fits perfectly! i'm in love with it! I'll post it in an OOTD soon ;) xxxx

  2. The owl jumper is so cute!

    vividskies.blogspot.co.uk xxxxx



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