Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Amazon Nail Striper Fail

I recently ordered a set of 24 nail art stripers off of Amazon. Despite reading about a million and one warnings from fellow bloggers saying not to buy cosmetics online without being 100% sure they were legit I decided to get them anyway (YOLO and all that ¬.¬) and since then I have been eagerly awaiting their arrival, and I must say I've got a huge case of the let downs! 

As you can see the vast majority of them look absolutely rubbish! I was immediately taken back by the fact that most look half full the smell of 'gone off' nail polish was revolting even before opening them! Definitely not a good sign! Despite this set back I soldiered on to see if I can savage anything from my bargain purchases.

I chose a pearly pink colour to test out and see what it was like. The above picture is what it looked like after giving it a good shake, not the best start! Despite this I went to open it and was greeted by an awful Gooey mess! The bottom picture is quite deceiving, it almost looks as if I just got too much polish on the brush and it was falling off, but I can assure you this was not the case, and it just had some dangling, slimey 'bit' on the end, what just would not get off. Grim. 

Despite this, the actual result isn't too bad. The product provides a straight-ish line and the colour pay off is overall really good, the drying time? Almost instantly. However I really don't think I can justify this product much further. Despite the overall outcome being okay I really struggled to get on with these! The brushes are very difficult to control and I feel quite limited in what I can do with them! 

I'm going to contact the seller on Amazon and beg for a refund, but I've definitely learnt my lesson to not buy online! X 

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