Saturday, 8 September 2012

MUA Brow Pencils VS Pro Brow Palette

When MUA recently announced the release of their Pro-Brow Palette there was such a buzz of excitement from the Beauty World. Having already made a name for themselves with providing brilliant quality products at an extremely affordable price, MUA had set themselves some high expectations with their Brow Palette! I usually use MUA's Brow Pencils so I decided to put the two to the test to see which product wins a place in my make up bag! 

Brow Pencils 

Personally I was really impressed when I first tried my first Brow Pencil. The formula is quite creamy and stays in place without smudging which is vital for me! (Nobody wants an eyebrow halfway down their face!) Despite only coming in two shades - Blonde and Brunette - I find using both gives me a good colour to work with, and the two blend together nicely. 

- The pencil gives good control and I can use the product exactly how I want it to 
- The two colours give me a nice colour which suits my complexion 
- I really like the brush, it allows me to soften my look so I don't have the dreaded scouse brow!

- The two available colours may not suit everyone 
- I would have liked a sharpener similar to MUA's eyeliner pencils 

Initially when I opened my Brow Palette this evening for the first time I was slightly disappointed, it was completely sealed yet when I opened it, there was finger marks in the product which slightly grossed me out and almost ruined the new product experience for me! After my initial doubts I tried the product and instantly fell in love! The three powder colours provide really versatile shades which can be blended easily and the wax isn't too greasy and really holds my brows in place. 

- 3 shades provide shades suitable to define and highlight brows
- Fixing wax is lightweight and doesn't clog up 
- Mirror allows for one less product in my makeup bag 

- The tiny tweezers and brush are quite difficult to handle, but I would usually use my own full sized tools

Overall I think I personally prefer the Brow Palette. I feel the three shades allow me to create a more neutral look where as I have to blend and work hard to create a natural look with the pencils. However I do really like the brushes of the pencils so I think when I have the time I will be using both products to take extra time and care on my brows! 

Have you tried either of the MUA brow products? What did you think of them? X 


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on the pro palette. I currently use their pencils also and love them! I'm hoping this is another new love aswell. X

  2. this eye brow palette is in my wishlist thanks for ur review :) very helpful



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