Friday, 20 July 2012

Favourite Brands: Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice was founded by Dan Sullivan in 1999 with the aim to create unique statement pieces which is bound to catch people's attention and to stand out from the crowd, and as you can see below from my favourite pieces, the aim was definitely accomplished! Since Irregular Choice was born  in Brighton, it has expanded to two more stores in London, as well as stores in Soho, New York and Hong Kong! I currently own two pairs of Irregular Choice shoes, and a IC Handbag, and whenever I'm wearing the Brand I instantly feel more upbeat, and I'm always complimented on the look of them! 

1. Black Beard Ring - £39 - I don't currently own and IC jewellery but I feel this might be my first piece. I don't usually wear rings but I love the skull and the crown embellishment.
2. Patty Shoes - £59.99 - How adorable are these shoes?! These come in a few other colours and prints but I love the Vintage Floral feel to them, and the Union Jack print is cute without being too in your face!
3. Future Ladybug 2 - £69.99 I don't own many pairs of red shoes, but I was instantly attracted to the cute little ladybug on this pair, as well as the super cute polka dot print!
4. Wing Invader - £69.99 - I cannot begin to explain how much I love these shoes. They remind me of Jimbo and the Jet Set! I've been after these for a while but I think they're only available on the IC website, whereby I usually buy mine from Schuh, but I'm definitely going to buy these when I have a spare £70!
5. Lola Handbag - £79.99 I have the smaller version of this but it's quite difficult to hold because the handle is a pretty odd shape, plus this is bigger so I can carry more around with  me, but i think £80 is a bit much for a bag so I'm really hoping this will one day be in the sale!
6. High Jinx Sunglasses - £85 I never wear sunglasses but these are a real statement piece! They may look a little bit daunting but I think these would look lovely with wavy hair and are perfect for the festival season!
7. Mrs Lower - £94.99 When (more like IF) I get married I know I'll be wearing Irregular Choice shoes, and although IC sell a range of wedding style shoes I think these are probably my favourite. They're quite 'tame' in comparison to some other styles IC have to offer but I personally think these are gorgeous!

Do you own any Irregular Choice shoes? And what do you think of the brand? X

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