Saturday, 21 July 2012

How To: Ombré Hair

Tonight I decided to top up my hair colour, to get rid of the ginger-y tones and make it a brighter blonde colour, and I thought I'd show you all how I did it!

For the blonde I used L'oreal Perfect Blonde Maximum Creme. This is the strongest dye I could find but I'd recommend trying a more gentle one if you want to keep your hair in good condition. I must point out that this probably wasn't the best choice for me to use, I was appealed by the claim that it lightens your hair colour by 6 shades but this stuff is seriously strong so use with caution! 

The above picture is about 5 minutes after application and you can already see a drastic change and it lifted the colour from my hair almost instantly. As you can see I applied it quite high but I did not leave it on for the recommended 30 minutes as instructed as the smell was just too much for me! I left it on for approximately 20 minutes but once I washed it off I still wasn't completely satisfied with the results! It was a bit lighter but still not as much as I wanted, so I washed and dried my hair and re-applied it, this time leaving it for 15 minutes and zapping it with my hair dryer. 

This is the end result and I am a lot happier with it now, it looks a tiny bit darker than it is in the picture as it is still slightly damp. I would like to warn you all that I would not advise doing as I did and repeating the process in such a short amount of time as my hair is now in TERRIBLE condition! It's been subjected to quite a traumatic experience tonight so I'm giving it a bit of a rest then I'm gonna deep condition it and hopefully that will sort things out a bit! 

I've purchased the Provoke Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo which I'm hoping will tone down the brassiness of it, but I've been advised not to use it straight away as it can be harsh and if you use too much you can end up with a purple tint! But I'm super excited to test it out! 

Have you attempted any drastic DIY hair colouring? How did you get on? X 

I purchased the L'oreal Perfect Blonde Maximum Creme from Boots for £6.12 but I believe it is available at most good supermarkets and chemists! 

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