Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Operation: OMBRE HAIR

Ombré, Dip-dyed, Gradient, whatever you call it it's the latest hair 'trend' and I've decided I want in on it. I've been playing with the idea of dying my hair, but after years of dyed red hair, with a few permanent brunettes over the top my hair is looking a little worse for wear. In natural lights the red pigments still appear through the brunette and in harsh lighting I get a horrible gingery orange tinge which frankly looks gross and unhealthy. 

I've wanted Ombré hair for quite some time now but I've always been a little scared of using a blonde dye and I don't want to end up with bright orange ends to my hair. My natural locks are a mousey blonde colour so I've decided to strip my hair of all colouring and start from scratch. I originally intended on using Decolour Remover after seeing the results on Hello, Terri Lowe's hair, but I couldn't find it so I chose one I found in Saver's by Jo Baz for £4.49(Yeah I've never heard of them either!) I chose the Max one as I've only ever put dye on top of more dye so I've got a lot of colour built up over time, and because it's a lot cheaper than alternatives. It boasts that you can dye your hair immediately after using this so we shall see how I get on! 

For the actual Ombré style I've decided on Schwarzopf Live Salon Style Frozen Pearl Blonde and if needed, Dark Brown, depending on how the colour remover works on my hair. I usually use Schwarzopf Live XXL hair dyes but picked these up as they were half the price I usually spend on XXL! I'm a bit worried about the dark brown mixing with the blonde and making a big orange mess but I have faith in my friend who will be doing the Ombré-ing for me! 

The current plan of action is to strip the colour of my hair tonight, and them Ombré away tomorrow afternoon! 

Have you tried to Ombré your hair at home? And have you used any of these products? X 

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