Sunday, 8 July 2012

New Shoes/Little Update

Look what I finally brought! I'm so happy I decided to get these, I thought about not getting them as I couldn't really afford them (oops!) but I've been informed I'll be getting my deposit back for my uni room at the end of the month so that completely justifies the situation! 
Despite these having a whopping heel of 14.5cm these are surprisingly wearable and they are so comfortable! The schuh sale has so much variety and I had to hold back to stop myself buying everything in my size. These shoes can be purchased online here

Also whilst out shopping yesterday I also noticed a lovely shiny banner advertising a huge sale in New Look which included up to 60% off shoes, so I knew I wasn't going to be leaving empty handed, these wedges are perfect for everyday wear and an absolute bargain at £6 reduced from £20. I got the yellow and my mum got a pair in turquoise, but we both got a size 5, and she feels her's are slightly too small so I think I'll be inherit those from her too! New Look have loads of lovely shoes in so it's definitely worth having a look! 

I also have a small update for everyone, I'm working a lot more now so I don't have much free time so I'm struggling to blog as often as I have been recently and I'm feeling gutted about it! But more work means more money! However I'm working on a new series of posts based around starting University which I'm really excited about! So I'm still around just really busy/tired at the moment so I've been neglecting my little blog lately, but I'll be back soon! X 


  1. i really hate you for getting these. they peng

  2. £39.99 reduced from £68 so I couldn't say no ;)

  3. Such a bargain, you've got an eye for sales ;)



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