Monday, 2 July 2012

Mini Primark Haul!

As the Primark in Milton Keynes is yet to open I don't often find myself browsing in there, but yesterday I had to travel to Northampton to hand in my keys for my halls of residence so me and my parents decided to mooch around the town centre, and this gave me the perfect opportunity to have a look around in Primark. Many people I know complain about the how small Northampton's Primark is but I quite like it, and they usually do some nice pieces on top of all the basics like leggings and jeans that I have tonnes of!

I didn't go too crazy buying things, as I have literally no money until Friday, but my mum picked up a few pieces for me, isn't she lovely! Once my room deposit is returned from my room at uni I'm definitely going to going on a Primark spree as they had some really nice pieces in, but I settled on a few summery pieces for the time being. 

Pink and White Striped Jeans, £13 - How cute are these pastel jeans? They're advertised as ankle grazers but when I tried them on they were full length, but I did go up a size than I usually wear as Primark Jeans ALWAYS shrink for me. The belt they came with is really adorable as well and it's actually pretty good quality in comparison to some of the tat you sometimes get with jeans, and basically I can't wait to wear these bad boys.

Kermit t-shirt, £6 - As soon as I saw this t-shirt I knew I had to have it. I am royally Muppet obsessed and I love Kermit. The fit of this t-shirt is so nice! Usually I find Primark Ts are quite short but this one is quite long  and I just love it :) 

Sheer Cat Print Sleeveless Blouse, £10 - I saw this on someone's blog in May and for the life of me I cannot remember who it was! But I went into Northampton's Primark after seeing it and they didn't have it and I was so disappointed but quickly forgot about it, until I saw it yesterday! My mum really liked this too and I was convinced she was going to buy it for herself  but she said she would never wear it so I picked it up instead. Again I got a size bigger than I usually wear as the 8 looked so tiny, and a 10 is a perfect fit, yet I held it up to a 14 and there was hardly any difference! I love the contrast of the bright pink to the monochrome pink, and I can see this becoming one of my favourite tops.

Primark was absolutely packed out for a Sunday afternoon yesterday, you could hardly move in there! Have you brought anything nice from Primark recently? X 

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