Friday, 6 July 2012

Incredible La Senza Haul

Last December I was personally saddened by the news that La Senza had entered administration, and I have watched the past few months as my local store slowly turned from a top high street lingerie store into a shop which looked a bit worse for wear. Admittedly I haven't bothered going into La Senza in the past few months as I felt it was a waste of time. However a friend came into work today and told how she got 4 bras for a bargain price of £10, so I thought it was time to venture in there and see if I could find any similar bargains. 

Little did I realise that I would make a saving of £96! Practically everything is reduced and everything has a buy one get one free so I managed to get 4 bras, 2 briefs and 2 pajama playsuits for a total of £32, with a RRP of £128! 

Chloe, French Follie, Chantel and Saffron Bras 

The reason for the huge bargains is because La Senza is having a complete re-vamp! My local store will be closing from July 15th and it will be re-opening shortly with an entire new stock from their Canadian counterparts.

Watercolour and Mocha Spot Playsuit Pajamas 

I am completely besotted with these two playsuits. They're made from chiffon material and they're so soft and and floaty! They're just something a little special and I am in love with them! 

Is your local La Senza still open? If so then get down there and see if you can make as much savings as me! X 

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