Thursday, 19 July 2012

Weekly Wants #3

1. Fox Necklace - £8 from Accessorize - love this cute little necklace, and I really don't have much statement jewellery so I might give in to this!
2. Victoria Rose Wellies - £38 from Cath Kidston - I love Cath Kidston products but I usually head straight to the home ware bits when i'm browsing and I tend to overlook the clothing and accessories, but I thought I'd try something different and I looked at all their different shoes. Most of them are plimsoll style trainers which I never really wear but I love the wellies and I'd definitely get a lot of wear from them with this horrible weather! 
3. Skull Print Dress - £20 from - love love love this dress, can't decide whether I prefer the black or the white, but I chose the black as I think I'd probably get more wear out of it, but last time I went down to Camden market they had loads of dresses like this, so might wait until I'm next in London and have a look around! 
4. Pink Cardigan - £22 from Matalan - Love the different tones of Yellow and Green weaved into the Pink of this Cardigan, and it's perfect to throw on in the colder weather, is it snobby to think that £22 is expensive for Matalan? Really like this though so hoping it is in stock in my local store! 
5. Tailored Trousers - £12.99 from New Look - Bit of a cop out with this one I'm afraid! I need new trousers for work, but I really struggle to get comfortable formal trousers, and I need something that's gonna be comfy as we're coming into our busiest time of the year.
6. John Freida Lightening Shampoo - £5.89 from Boots - as you probably all know I've recently bleached my hair to create an Ombré effect, but it's still looking a bit on the ginger side, so I'm considering other options. One thing that has been recommended to me lots is a toning Shampoo, but I'm a bit new to all of them so not sure what to use! I currently use the John Freida full repair range which I adore, so hoping this will do the job for me! 
7. imPRESS Press On Manicure £8.99 from Boots - Seen that these have created a bit of a hype recently and since I rather stupidly picked off my professional fake nails I want to give these a try and see how they compare, I've read some really good things so I really hope they live up to expectations! 

Sorry I haven't posted a Weekly Wants in quite some time,  it always seems when I have money there's nothing I really want, but now it's coming towards the end of the month for me and I'm broke everything is catching my eye! I'm thinking about splitting these types of posts into fashion and beauty wants, what do you guys think? X 

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