Monday, 30 July 2012

NOTD: Pacman!

Hi guys! Before I start with today's NOTD I'd like to apologise for being absent for the past few days, as some of you may be aware I've just been placed on the contraceptive patch and it's not giving me a good time of it at the moment! I'll spare you all the gory details but I've been in a lot of pain adjusting to the changes! Anyways enough girl talk and on to this slightly different NOTD... 

Pacman nails! I'm a big fan of statement nails, and these are definitely eye catching! I originally 'created' this design whilst at University last year. As you may know I had a dreadful year at uni, and I hated living on campus and at times I felt very isolated and alone, and one night the internet in the entire university stopped working, which, as silly as it sounds, devastated me! Having no means of accessing Facebook or Twitter was a nightmare so I got out my nail polishes and set to work entertaining myself! I remember first seeing a design similar to this online but sadly I cannot remember where so I cannot link you to it :(! Heres how I created the look:

To create the design I used my OPI Natural Base Coat and Top Coat, Collection 2000 in Blue Hawaii, a H&M polish in Summer Sunrise and a Natural Collection Black Liquid Eyeliner - this is just because I don't own a nail art pen, and eyeliner and a topcoat work just as well!

I began by drawing a cresent moon shape on my thumb nail in the yellow polish. As you can see it's not too neat but it doesn't have to be at this stage, the black outline neatens everything up later on. 

I then used two diagonal lines to create the shape of Pacman. Again it looks quite messy but it's not important at this stage. As you can see from the above picture the polish is quite uneven, so I added another coat of the entire shape once it was dry. 

On my other fingers I painted over the whites of my nails with the blue polish. I used the Collection Blue Hawaii as it is a really vibrant blue which is quite traditional to the Pacman games. At this point you could probably attempt to draw Pacman Ghosts, cherries or the little Pacman dots on these nails but I personally didn't want to overload it!

Once everything is dry you can move on to outlining the shape of your Pacman with your nail art pen (or eyeliner if you're as frugal as me!) This gives a chance to hide any 'wobbly' bits and neaten the whole thing up. Next you add a dot in the upper section of Pacman's face to create his eye.

I again outlined the blue on my other nails, to accentuate the blue and make it 'pop' more.

And here's the finished result! I chose to leave my nails unpainted underneath the design, but alternatively you could have painted a black base coat to make it look more like the Pacman game, and make it look more retro, but personally I chose to keep it a bit more natural!

Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial! I have few more 'different' NOTD planned! What do you think of the design? Is it something you'd wear? X 

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