Tuesday, 10 July 2012

GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Foundation in Porcelain

I personally really struggle to find a good quality foundation to match my naturally pale skin tone. I often find many brands don't cater for pale tones, and the lightest shades many offer still leave  me looking darker or 'orange-er' than desired. 
When browsing the GOSH stand in my local Superdrug I am instantly drawn to the brightly coloured nail polishes and eye-shadows and I often overlook their other products, but on my quest to find a more appropriate foundation I decided to take another look and picked up 'GOSH X-ceptional Wear' in 'Porcelain.' The swatch on the packaging shows a very pale yellow toned shade which is the sort of colour I was after. 

The sleek matte packaging of the product is appealing but I was mildly irritated by the security tag being placed over the back of the product, which meant A) I couldn't clearly read the details, so I wasn't 100% sure on what benefits I'd be getting from the product and B) It made the packaging really sticky and messy once I had peeled it off, and it was generally all gooey and ick. 
Another thing I noticed on the packaging was the term 'long lasting' but it didn't specify, in comparison to many high-street brands which claim x amount of hours wear. This didn't particularly bother me but I felt it was smart as many other foundations don't live up to their claim of wear time. 

I found the actual product to be fairly runny, which took me some time to get used to, in comparison to other foundations I have used in the past. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the nozzle which really irritates me, it's a triangular shaped nozzle, which doesn't provide much control over how much you apply so again it took me a while to adjust to using it. 

I manage to get between 7-9 hours wear from X-Ceptional Wear depending on if I'm using a primer or powder, and since using this foundation my skin has improved greatly and I'm finding I'm having less breakouts so this formula definitely agrees with my skin type. However the tone of the foundation is still slightly too dark and it takes a lot of blending to work into my hairline and neck to avoid any embarrassing foundation lines! Despite this, this is still the most colour matched foundation I have tried so far.

Overall this is one of my favourite foundations I have used to date but I feel the packaging does slightly let it down, I feel a pump application would be much better suited in comparison to the nozzle as it is very easy to apply too much. However the actual product is very light, yet gives a medium coverage which is enough for me most of the time. I would re-purchase this again, but I would be interested in trying alternative brands to see if I can find another foundation which will match my tone better yet gives similar results. 

GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Foundation is available here and in Superdrug stores for £7.99

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