Sunday, 15 July 2012

My Skin No Shine Mattifying Moisture Lotion

My Skin are a skincare brand with products aimed for teenagers, and aims to provide cheap, affordable skincare which will leave you with clean, refreshed skin. 
The Mattifying Moisture Lotion claims it "is a light oil-free daily moisturiser that softens and hydrates the skin. Kiwi extract helps moisturise while raspberry extract helps stimulate and condition, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Cimicfuga extract helps to control excess oil and shine" 

The combination of the kiwi and raspberry extract provides a pleasant but not overbearing smell to the moisturiser, which is something which always effects how I feel about a product, if I'm putting something on my skin, especially on my face, I want it to smell nice, and this certainly does! 

Unfortunately for this this is where the positives end. Above is a picture of the cap of the product, which is faulty. This is as far as it will close so it allows the product to dry up and in my opinion leaving it completely worthless. To begin with I thought this was just a faulty one-off to I skipped down to my local tesco's to buy another and the same thing happened! I personally cannot see the point in having a moisturiser packaged in a way that prevents it from being closed properly... sure this will lead to it drying up? More on this later! 


The application of this product is awful! I found the tube opening, hole mechanism way too big, (I have no idea if there's a technical term for it? The squeezy hole :D! ) so this resulted in me having too much (again wasting the product) 


I found with this moisturiser it was IMPOSSIBLE TO BLEND INTO THE SKIN. It just seemed to settle on my skin which felt really uncomfortable, and for lack of a better word, gross. Despite this I soldiered on and tried my best, and it just resulted in a gooey, sticky mess. The moisturiser was filled with solid clumps of the formula where it had hardened from the silly packaging and it just left an awful mess on my face. Add to this clumps of dried moisturiser (circled above) from where the product cannot be closed effectively, and I am definitely not impressed! 
Once I had blended it in the best I could I left it overnight, and I awoke in the morning to a slimey, spotty mess on my face. It had broken me out good and proper! It is safe to say that this is going nowhere near my face again, which is a real shame as it had such good potential! 

My Skin No Shine Mattifying Moisture Lotion is available for £3.50 from Tesco Supermarkets. I would like to take the opportunity to point out that this particular moisturiser did not work for my skin type, but is just that, mine. After researching this product I have found that it generally has good reviews, but this is just my personal experience with this product. 

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