Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Big Back To Uni Collective Haul

Seeing as it is under a month to go until I begin my second year of my Psychology Degree I thought it was about time I get organised, to ensure I have everything I need for my studies. I've brought a few bits and pieces that I need as well as going through my own belongings to decide what I'll be needing. As I will be commuting to University this year I've tried to condense everything so I have everything I need without having to carry much! So I'm sharing with you a few things I've purchased, as well as things I already have that I will be putting to good use this academic year!

 A4 Lever Arch Files - Pink Polka Dot and Black Floral WHSmith, Cream Pattern Tesco

This year I am doing 3 full year modules so I've brought 3 bigger folders so I have one for each module so I am keep all my lecture slides and notes kept together. I tried this last year and I was so unorganised but I'm determined to keep everything tidy this year! 

A4 Folders - Bottom two WHSmith, Top Tesco

As well as 3 full modules I'm doing 6 half year modules, with 3 in the autumn term and 3 in the spring. Instead of buying loads of folders I've got 3 with the intention of recycling them so save on space!

Notebooks - Bottom 2 are WHSmith, Top is from Paperchase

I don't really know why I have so many Notebooks because most of the time I type my lecture notes, but I tend to pick up cute notebooks when I see them! I used the bottom two last year for uni so they're both half used but I'm going to use them for as long as possible.
The top one is brand new from Paperchase and I love the pattern on it, and it has 5 dividers on it so I might just carry this around with me when I need to.

Acer Netbook - £198 from

Although I have a full sized Laptop it is a bit of a chunker so I struggle to fit in it my bag with everything else and carry it around all day so I brought a Netbook for all Uni related purposes. It is so compact and light I can just chuck it in my bag and not have to worry about it being heavy. I only ever use it to type Lecture Notes on but it saves so much time. I'm quite OCD about my lecture notes so if i hand write them it takes forever for me to write them perfectly so a Netbook is a god send. Also love the super cute lilac colour!

Kobo eReader - £79.99 from WHSmith

Last year at Uni I borrowed my mum's eReader to download some of my favourite books onto, so I recently got my own. Before recently I only ever used it for books for leisure but I was having a look on eBook websites last night and I was able to download 3 books I use for university for free! Obviously this is a lot more convenient than carrying around a load of books so I will definitely be adding this to Uni Stash! 

Last year my University released an iPhone app for all students, and I never really took much notice of it until recently. It provides me with my timetable as well as syncing it to my phone calendar, gives me the contact details of any lecturer I may need to contact, as well as giving me up to date notifications through the online University system! This is a great idea and saves me having to check about any cancellations to lectures and what not!

I think with all of this I will definitely be more prepared for the upcoming year at University! Are you all organised to get back to your studies? X 

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  1. I love all those folders! Gosh, I forgot how much I love stationary shopping.



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