Thursday, 2 August 2012

4 Weeks Hair Challenge

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Recently I've had a bit of a hair disaster. Not long after I Ombréd my hair I had to have quite a bit of it chopped off as it was dry and breaking, and generally in appalling condition. I had about 4 inches chopped off which is quite drastic and it's left me not feeling too great about my hair! 

Whilst reading some Blogs last night I came across the lovely JessicaLeigh discussing her 4 Weeks No Heat challenge and the benefits she saw from not using any heat on her hair and it inspired me to do something similar! I've set myself a few rules in order to try and make the most of my heat free time:

1. Use My Tangle Teezer! As silly as it sounds I love my tangle teezer but I don't often use it! I actually have two so I will be popping one in my handbag and the other will be going on my bedside table to remind me to use it!
2. Don't wear hair in a topknot Usually when I'm having a lazy day I just shove my hair in a topknot to get it out of my way, and I'd often pull it quite tightly to ensure it stayed in place and I hate to think about the amount of damage I caused! I'll still wear my hair in a topknot occasionally but I will take much more care in how I do it
3. Absolute no hair dye In my time my hair has been an array of colours and this has definitely had a negative effect on my hair. As you all know I recently bleached half my hair to death so I will be steering away from the Hair Dye section in Boots to lead me away from temptation. 
4. Change Products At the moment I'm using the John Freida Full Repair range which I cannot recommend  enough but somedays it will work better than others which can be a bit strange! For my 4 week challenge I'm going to use the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range to give my hair a little encouragment, as we well as ensuring it is well protected against any damage. 

Hopefully this will put me in a good position to get the best looking hair possible while maintaining it's good condition. My hair usually grows quite quickly anyway but I want to ensure that as well as growth I also have the good condition of it! The end of my 4 week challenge will be the 30th August 2012 but if I see a considerable change in my hair it may go on for even longer!

Have you got any tips for me to keep my hair looking it's best? X 

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  1. aww thank you that's so sweet to mention me! let me know how you get on! my best tips are no heat, use a wide tooth comb, hair oils and masks :)



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