Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bedroom Tour

Earlier this summer my parents very kindly redecorated my bedroom as I would be moving back from University, and I wanted a bedroom that reflects my personality, as well as allowing me somewhere to relax and work. As you will be able to see from my pictures my bedroom is incredibly small so I have to use the space I do have, but I hate clutter so things can get quite frustrating at times! 

Here is the view from when you enter my bedroom, as I said it is incredibly small and very narrow! I try to keep the floor as clear as possible, and try not to just chuck everything in random places, but old habits definitely die hard. For such a long time I had a really horrible bedroom that I hated so it is quite difficult to be strict in keeping my bedroom tidy. 

The first thing that people pay attention to in my bedroom is my wardrobe,which is quite big and takes up a lot of my space. The wardrobe was from Ikea for £80 and can be seen here. It provides so much space for everything and is actually so much bigger than I originally thought it would be. 
The baskets on top of my wardobe are from Matalan for £5 each and are available here. Two of them hold my flat shoes and the other holds all of my bags. The rest of my shoes are on one of the shelfs in the wardrobe. 

My noticeboard was a gift from Newlook last year and I don't believe it is still available but places such as Dunelm Mill and Wilkinsons sell similar things if you are interested. It holds some of my favourite pictures and I put reminders on it as and when I need to so I know I will always look at it! These are a selection of my favourite pictures but there's quite a few I want to add to it!

I was desperate to have a feature wall with a vintage floral pattern on it but I really struggled to find one I liked. I had my heart set on a Cath Kidston design but as I needed a few rolls of wallpaper for one wall I really couldn't justify spending so much money! A good friend of mine recommended eBay for wallpaper and I found this one and fell in love. The exact wallpaper is this one, but it comes in both a pale blue and pink colour too! 

I had my heart set on a unit similar to this, but I could only have a small one due to space issues. This is again from Ikea but I did cheat a little bit, for a unit which was 4x2 sqaures was something like £60 but 2x2 was only £19.99 so I brought two and put one on top of the other. The ones I have are these.
Again you will notice I have two of the baskets I mentioned above on this unit. One holds all my skincare bits such as moisturisers and things I don't have space for in my bathroom, and the other has haircare. As well as this my unit also holds some of my Living Dead Dolls, my Sky box, Psychology bits, Nail polishes, Netbook and some random DVD's and books.

On top of my unit I keep my important uni documents, it looks quite clean and organised at the moment but I'm sure it won't look this good in about a months time! It also holds my printer, iPod dock and favourite picture and perfume.

Next to my bed I have my bedside unit which holds everything I need close by. In the cubby hold in my bedside unit I have an old shoebox filled with 'everyday' uses such as face wipes, nail polish remover, cotton pads and things I usually use everyday so I know everything is close at hand when I need it. 
Next to my bin is my make up storage drawers. Mine is from WHSmith and the particular design is no longer available but they still do lots of other patterns.

I usually blog whilst laying on my bed as it's where I feel most comfortable. I have quite a thing for duvet sets and I like to change mine very regularly but the one I use most is the one shown, it is from Dunelm Mill and is available here. It is from the children's department but I think it feels in well with my bedroom. The top blanket is also from Dunelm Mill but is not shown on the website. I usually use it just to chuck over my duvet so my cats can lie on my bed without it getting covered in cat fur. 
My television was originally on the wall but it wasn't very secure and I haven't got round to fixing it yet but I quite like it where it is, it's the perfect place for cuddling up in bed and watching a film! 

My room is still not quite finished and there is still a lot I would like to get to make it a bit more personal and 'me' but I adore my bedroom and there's nothing I like more than spending time in my bedroom! What do you think of my room? X 

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