Monday, 6 August 2012

Primark Haul August 2012

On Saturday I popped down to London for a bit of retail therapy. Despite it being a lovely day I didn't actually spend too much at all! Primark on Oxford Street was insanely busy (as always!) and it was quite hot and crowded so I didn't have the opportunity to get much! But here's what I did manage to pick up

Black Suede Effect Loafers £6, Brown Brogues £10, Dusty Pink Slippers £2

Whenever I go to Primark I always head straight to the shoe section. I really wanted to pick up a pair of black flats and I was originally going to pick up the Brogues in black as well but when I noticed these loafers I went for those instead! I needed a new pair of slippers as the only ones I've got at the moment are booties and they're a bit too wintery for right now! Pretty annoyed that the Brogues were on a size 5 hanger but are actually a size 6, I'm gonna get some insoles from work and hope that they help!

Vanilla Lip Balm £1, 20 Hair Bands £1

I always lose my hairbands so I picked up a pack of these to restock my supplies! I was attracted to the Lip Balm because of the cute Owl print on it but I haven't tried it yet, but it smells delicious! 

Freddie Mercury Vest £8

I only noticed this vest as I was queuing up to pay but I knew I had to have it! I quickly rushed over to pick one up and was gutted that the only sizes they had were 12 and 14! I usually wear a 8-10 so I picked up the 12 and hoped for the best! It's a bit baggy but overall it's fine! 

This came to a total of £28 which I think is fantastic value for money! Have you picked up any treasures from Primark recently? X 


  1. I have that lip balm too, but I can't open it? It's so weird. Do you have that problem also?

    1. I struggle to open most tins like this, really hate vaseline tins! I tend to pry it open with my nails! xxxx

    2. I know that feeling, and I don't want to damage my nails with it. That's kind of annoying. xx



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