Saturday, 18 August 2012

OPI Skull and Glassbones

Skull and Glossbones is part of OPI's Pirates of The Caribbean Collection which was released in May 2011 to celebrate the release of On Stranger's Tides. At the time this was released I never really took notice of 'higher brand' nail polishes and I am deeply regretting that now as from researching this collection some of the shades look gorgeous, yet they are becoming increasingly difficult to hunt down, and I don't fully trust sites such as eBay for buying OPI polishes as it is notorious for bad quality fakes. 
Luckily whilst browsing my local TK Maxx I picked up this polish as part of a set (which also included my beloved Wocka Wocka) and I was pleased to be buying shades from two of my favourite collections. 

Skull and Glossbones can be described as quite a muted, neutral grey shade. After originally looking at the POTC Collection I would have said that this shade instantly stood out to me but after trying it on I was definitely sold on it. It's not a colour I would wear on a regular basis as I am a big fan of vivid, in your face nails, but it's a colour I would choose for more neutral look, and I have a lovely nail art planned starring this shade! 

I would love to test this shade against the silver shatter that was part of the POTC Collection as I think it would add a bit more depth and interest to the shade, but this is definitely a colour I would pick up for a a more subtle nail colour. 

Skull and Glossbones was part of the limited edition Pirates of the Caribbean set from OPI, and therefore is no longer readily available, but there are still a few floating around on amazon and ebay! 



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