Thursday, 14 March 2013

100 Day Spending 'Reductions'

I've seen many Bloggers take part in the 100 day spending ban and I really envy their ability to save! I'm quite an impulse shopper and I'm always just picking up little bits and pieces without really realising how much I'm spending! However sometimes I think I can justify my spending so I don't think it's right to completely ban myself from it!  However I am desperate to save up for a car, and I have my heart set on a pink Fiat 500 so it's time to keep an eye on the pennies!

In order to try and keep myself from spending all my money I've made myself some guidelines to try to stick to as much as possible! 

1. Leave my staff discount card at home when I'm working! - I always up picking up clothes when I'm working and I have a wardrobe full of things that still have the tags on! I've decided I'm going to stop taking my staff card to work with me, and if there is anything I do want to buy I'll have to go home and at least think it over before buying it! 
2. Stop getting taxis everywhere! - On the topic of work I usually end up getting a taxi there and back every shift I have, which comes to about £10 a shift! Now the weather is getting slightly warmer it makes so much more sense to get a bus! 
3. Save my student loan - I'm luckily enough to finish university on May 3rd this year, so I won't need to use too much of my student loan for the summer term. I'm intending on spending a chunk of that on driving lessons, but my last loan installments have gone on impulse purchases (an iPad, Ted Baker handbag, tattoos, etc etc!) so I'm hoping to save that to put it towards my car fund! 
4. Less takeaways! - I practically live on Pizza Hut, kebabs and chinese takeaways, so it will be so beneficial for both my bank account and my health to cut this bad habit out! 

After getting out my calender i've figured out that my '100 days' finishes on June 22nd! I'm hoping by that time I would have had enough time to get started with my driving lessons, and as I'll have finished university I should be able to have more overtime at work too, which will be great! 

Wish me luck guys! X

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