Saturday, 26 January 2013

Brit Rocks False Eyelashes

Hi guys! Before I start I just want to super apologise for being so rubbish lately! I won't bore you all with the details but basically uni assignments have taken over my life, add on to that lectures, work at h&m and generally being super busy equals one very neglected blog :(!

I have a confession to make. I am a bit of a falsies addict. I love them. Usually I tend to stick to my Eylure lashes as I always know what I'm going to get and I'm never disappointed! However after stopping to consider how much I spend on cosmetics I decided to venture into other brands. Brit Rocks isn't a brand I'm familiar with but I decided to chuck a few pairs in my basket when I was in my local Savers recently.

One thing I am always wary with them applying lashes is the lash adhesive. I always use my Eylure glue as I know it works for me and I don't want to end up with lashes halfway down my face, or irritated eyes from a horrible formula! However for the sake of giving an honest review I hesitantly tried the glue that came with the lashes. I was instantly taken back by how thin the consistency is in comparison to Eylure's. Despite this I cracked on and the lashes just would not stick at all! So the glue is heading straight for the bin!

However once I switched back to my trusty Eylure glue I was more than happy with these lashes. When first applied they look very natural, but I used Benefit's Bad Gal mascara just to give a bit more definition and blend them into my natural lashes. They sit comfortably on my lash line, where as I found with other 'cheaper' brands tend to feel uncomfortable.

Overall I would definitely think about re-purchasing these lashes. They're ideal for nights out as I don't feel quite so bad about ripping them off at the end of the night, or in my case ending up waking up with them in a horrible mess on my pillow!

Are you a fan of false lashes? And is these any brands you use as your go to lashes? Let me know! X

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