Wednesday, 5 December 2012

NOTD: Christmas Nails!

I've been really struggling with getting into the Christmas spirit recently and I have tried everything on the list, my Christmas shopping is done and wrapped, the tree is up and I've been forcing myself to listen to the Christmas songs that are playing constantly at work but I am just not feeling it! 

In an attempt to get some Christmas cheer I busted out my nail polishes and got to work on this Christmas print. Admittedly it's not my best work as I haven't used my nail art pens in forever so my hand was a little shakey, and it looks terrible because my nails are in horrendous condition, but doing this definitely got me in the mood for Christmas! 

Unfortunately though due to the amount of hard work I've been doing at H&M recently this design lasted a grand total of a day before going all chipped and horrible, but I definitely will be redoing this again soon and making the most of the festive season on my nails! 

Have you created any Christmas inspired nail art? Let me know! X 

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